Disney Developing New Live-Action “The Haunted Mansion” Movie

Jessica Figueroa

Disney Developing New Live-Action “The Haunted Mansion” Movie

Whether the 2003 version of The Haunted Mansion (yes, the one with Eddie Murphy and Jennifer Tilly) is your guilty pleasure or one you’d rather forget, Disney is breathing new life to the classic attraction by developing yet another live-action film.

the haunted mansion gracey manor 2003 film

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Katie Dippold, the screenwriter behind the latest all-female Ghostbusters reboot (2016), is slated to write. Rideback, the same production company behind the latest live-action Aladdin, is producing the film.

the haunted mansion 2003 film

Believe it or not, the first Haunted Mansion movie and Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl both debuted in 2003, yet one launched a multi-billion dollar franchise while the other became a quiet cult classic amongst hardcore Disney fans. Hopefully, this reboot fares better, with a stronger storyline and even more nods to the classic Disney Parks attraction.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

27 thoughts on “Disney Developing New Live-Action “The Haunted Mansion” Movie”

  1. This is gonna suck, or at the very least be pleasantly disappointing. Remember how badly the Eddie Murphy version did? You had Guillermo Tel Toro and Ryan Gosling at your fingertips. They and the rest of the fans wanted a dark and subversive version that faithfully represents the ride, and now it’s gonna be 2003 all over again. Way to go!!

  2. The first Haunted Mansion movie was an absolute disaster and utter failure. We laughed at has-been Eddie Murphy, not because he was funny, but because he was horrendously ridiculous in the roll. And the racist and necrophiliac themes of the movie were barbaric and unacceptable. Let’s hope Disney and the screenwriter chooses something more appropriate, such as Cunningham’s novel ‘The Legend of the Haunted Mansion’.

  3. Why does Disney continue to hire bad people for these remakes? The Ghostbusters remake and Aladdin live-action were flops so why hire the same people?

  4. I am a huge Haunted Mansion fan. Disney’s Haunted Mansion has been, and will always be my all-time favorite ride at the Magic Kingdom. I can honestly say that yes, the 2003 film was nothing short of a huge disappointment… And upon reading this article, hearing who is going to write and who is going to produce this new version of the film… you must forgive me if I withhold my enthusiasm. The Ghostbusters reboot with the all-female cast completely bombed at the theaters – the character development was terrible and the story itself was terrible. Now, I have not seen the live-action Aladdin movie yet, but from what I hear, that didn’t do too well either.

    I did hear a rumor a couple years back that Guillermo del Toro wanted to do a haunted mansion reboot, and knowing his work, I believe it would have been a huge success. Why didn’t Disney get him instead? Believe me, I hope I am proven wrong here, but for the most part, I don’t believe this new version will be much better then the 2003 film considering who is writing it and who is producing it.

  5. What happened to the Guillermo del Toro Haunted Mansion movie? Last I heard it was a done deal with the Hatbox Ghost as the main character. He said it would be funny and scary like Poltergeist.He is a huge HM fan and it would have been great.

    • Agreed 💯
      If it’s not Guillermo del Toro? Then chances are it’s going to be another dumb Disney project to try and cash in on merchandise! 🙄

  6. What an odd choice for the writer. Why are they hiring the writer of a failed movie to reboot their own failed movie?

  7. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Katie Dippold, the screenwriter behind the latest all-female Ghostbusters reboot (2016), is slated to write.

    Oh no.

  8. So they are making a live-action of a live-action? Sorry I will pass. A classic with Eddie Murphy cannot be replaced. That chick that redid Ghost Busters needs to stop remaking good movies for success, stick to something original.

  9. Katie Dippold, the screenwriter behind the latest all-female Ghostbusters reboot (2016), is slated to write.”

    And there went my excitement

  10. Did they actively seek out the screenwriter of one of the biggest reboot flops on purpose? Will this be some sort of a insurance write-off? If they’re not going to do this ride justice LEAVE IT ALONE.

  11. If this movie is going to involve anybody from the all-female Ghostbusters then I have to assume it is going to be absolute trash. I’ll stick to the original movie instead.

  12. Wow – you guys are harsh. I enjoyed the all female Ghostbusters. I love the original Haunted Mansion, but I’ll give this one a fair chance too.

  13. I just saw the poster with the Hatbox Ghost and the “999” referi g to the happy haunts who resude in the mansion. I never realized what happens if you invett the numbers. Sneaky devils.

  14. Another pasteurized corporate comedy by product. Pretty much all these $100 million dollar epics use the same formula, the same awful humor, and are utterly forgettable.

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