Florida Man Accused of Hitting, Threatening to Kill EPCOT Security Guard Due to Issues with Face Mask Rules

As you may be aware by now, all Walt Disney World Resort theme parks and hotels, including Disney Springs, are following strict new rules requiring guests to wear proper face masks with ear loops at all times, except when eating and drinking while stationary, or inside a designated “Relaxation Zone”. Now, the inevitable has happened, as the first violent incident has taken place stemming from guests frustrated with the new rules.

According to the Orlando Sentinel‘s Gabrielle Russon, Enrico Toro, 35, is accused of hitting an EPCOT security guard in the head and threatening to kill him after he was repeatedly reminded to follow the new face mask rules. Toro is charged with misdemeanor battery.

Disney has released a statement regarding the incident:

“We expect guests to treat our cast members with courtesy and respect, and while the vast majority of guests have adapted to our new measures, this unfortunate case required law enforcement.”

Toro responded with his version of the events, saying that the security guard swore at him before an argument ensued. He and his family arrived at EPCOT on August 14 wearing masks that reportedly did not fit the face mask guidelines, and were asked to return. However, once they did, one of their children still wore a mask that did not fit the rules. Toro refused to leave a second time.

The security guard was not injured, and is willing to press charges. Toro was arrested.

Source: Orlando Sentinel

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  1. Is it the “frustrating” policy the problem or is this dude just an asshole? After they were told about the child’s mask….Three witnesses observed the altercation and said they saw Toro become “irate,” use profanity and hit the guard, the report noted….Toro “began cussing” and said, “Call the police. They will have to shoot me to leave,” the arrest report said.

  2. Good for the Cast Member! I hope the family is banned, the father gets jail time, and the Cast Member is compensated.

    People are absurd. You are not special, you are not above the rules. It is not challenging to read guidelines and get a mask that complies with those guidelines. They are splashed all over the place, emphasized when you make reservations, emailed to you, and are on signs all over property. If you can afford to go to the parks, you can afford to buy an appropriate mask. This is just willful, purposeful, arrogant disruption and refusal to follow rules and do the right thing.

  3. I am not going until I can go without a face mask.. He should have stayed home, too. I don’t understand still having to wear a face mask anyway. WE have Hydroxychloroquine, Azithromycin & zinc – and Ivermectin, doxycycline & zinc that are supposed to be cures. He Ivermectin has been like 100% cure in 6-8 days and some in less than 48 hrs. at a cost of like 12 or 15 cents per treatment. ???

  4. Another unhinged guest at the Wonderful World of Disney . It’s negligent to be open. It’s beyond insane to attend at this time. Wonder how many cases will be able to be traced back to DW

  5. Seriously, this guard is just the messenger and enforcing the rules of the park. There’s no reason for Toro to behave like that. There’s a lot at stake for businesses like Disney if it looks like they’re not following CDC guidelines. You play in somebody’s yard, you must play by their rules.

  6. Idiots, idiots, idiots! If you are not going to follow the well known and posted rules….do us all a favor, and don’t go!

  7. If Disney stopped offering Florida resident discounts it would help keep that sort of low life trash out of their parks.

  8. When is this stupid Governor going to get his head out of the sand and use the one brain cell he has to mandate face masks in this state close the schools and start holding people accountable for their actions he doesn’t care he and his family don’t have to go out in public for anything he needs to go.

  9. Spent a few days at my happy place a few weekends ago. You gotta wear a mask, you know that going in, yes things are different, but is made clear. I was bummed I couldn’t have a Lapu Lapu but such is life. There is absolutely no excuse to touch, let alone strike any cast member, ever. Thankfully they prosecute and support cast members in the process.

  10. We just returned from a trip to WDW and while we didn’t see any issues with face masks (other than cast members repeated reminders to kids to keep masks on), we did encounter several less than friendly cast members throughout all parks. Many shops and restaurants are closed and those that are open have specific entry and exit points and we saw cast members yelling at people going in the wrong way. Several newly designated entry points were through doors marked exit; exit points had doors marked entry so it was frustrating!

  11. Disgusting. Wearing a mask is not a Political issue, or a statement. It is simply respecting and trying to protect the health and safety of others–a value that people in this country used to have. Today it’s every man for himself.

  12. Of course, Disney could have avoided this confrontation all together if they’d just stop all the mask wearing theater. It’s all BS.

  13. Why do people think they can just not follow the rules? How do grown adults make it so many years living in society and not pick up on the fact you HAVE to follow rules?

  14. I don’t believe for a second that Disney Security cussed him: and even if they did, physical violence is not a balanced response. We’re trying to have a society here for crying out loud!

  15. I’m at the point where I have no intentions on going back to Disney. I understand the guidelines, but NOT the refusal to adhere to ADA law and county medical guidelines… like with the 8 year old with sensory deficits and Autism. There has to be a line. I got mono there…I survived. Masks are a detriment to everything going on. I hope someone passes out and sues. If they get hurt it doesn’t matter what their pars indicate you agree to when they’re breaking ADA law… not that it would anyway… it’s Florida. I love how Disney bends to medical situations until now even it really matters. I’m at the point where I really want to sell my DVC membership.

  16. Hundreds of thousands of visitors without incident since the parks reopened. The offender is 100% in the wrong. I give Disney the full benefit of the doubt here. I hope the guy is also banned from the property for life.

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