PHOTOS: Construction Continues on Future Play! Pavilion at EPCOT

The Play! pavilion is one of many new concepts planned to be hitting EPCOT next year. This pavilion is actually the mostly abandoned Wonders of Life pavilion finally being put back into good use. While we can’t see what’s going on inside, we can keep checking up on the roof of the pavilion.

Wooden pallets have been on top of the building for several months, most likely storing tools and supplies.

The triangular tiles on the roof are slowly being redone or replaced. Right now, there’s a line of gray-ish tiles across the front of the domed building.

A canopy has been erected on top of the building, which is good to see. We hope construction workers are staying as safe from the heat as they can.

Most EPCOT construction is supposed to be completed in time for Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary, though we aren’t sure how much has been delayed due to the COVID-19 closure. Keep checking WDWNT for more construction updates.

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