PHOTOS: Work Continues on Roof of Former Wonders of Life, Upcoming Play! Pavilion at EPCOT

The former Wonders of Life Pavilion had some interesting action happening on the roof today, as two square boxes have appeared for the staging of new construction materials.

Recently, we saw a portion of the roof getting repaired and some tiles being removed and/or replaced. You can see a portion of the roof in the bottom right corner has received the updated tiles.

Today, we were greeted with some new action taking place on the roof. Two large wooden boxes have appeared.

The boxes, which have several large yellow straps holding them on to the dome roof, could be holding some supplies to be used for the roof work happening.

With things being so quiet for quite some time now, it’s nice to see some visible progress happening on the roof of this evolving pavilion as it transitions into the Play! Pavilion of the new World Discovery neighborhood.

Are you excited for the new Play! Pavilion? From drawing classes, to a Zootopia-themed hotel heist, check out plans of all that’ll be inside the pavilion in this extensive post here.

Let us know in the comments. Be sure to stay tuned for the latest updates on this project and more happening at Walt Disney World.

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6 months ago

“Are you excited for the new Play! Pavilion?”

Um, no. Not at all. From the concept drawings I’ve seen, this attraction attracts no attention from me.

Sherry McMahan
Sherry McMahan
6 months ago

Are they going to continue construction through the closure?