PHOTOS: Cinderella Castle Makeover Painting Progressing Rapidly at the Magic Kingdom

Cinderella Castle is in the middle of a major makeover at Walt Disney World. We have been closely following the progress over the last few weeks, beginning with the moat draining as well as the overall prep of the castle facade. Today, it looks like painting really revved up on the castle facade.

We can see a great contrast between the old and new blue paint being applied to the turrets of the castle. Work was happening all over the castle, high and low and on both sides of its exquisite frame. We will be keeping an eye on the middle part of the tower. Paying close attention if the lighter blue zig-zag pattern that is present will be sticking around or painted over.

The same four lifts that were being used yesterday were used today, hoisting painters in the air to apply the more vibrant blue to the towers. This blue tint reminds us of the same shade that has been applied recently to Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Various painting projects were going on all over the castle, with turrets taken on in phases.

As we sat and watched, it was obvious how quickly this process was going. Whether you like the new paint job or not, it’s amazing how refreshed something looks with a new coat of paint.

As the crew took a break for lunch, we were offered a great view. The contrasting colors that are present on the castle at the moment were far more obvious. We could already visualize what it will look like finished soon enough. This will no doubt be a constantly changing project day-to-day and we keep you updated with any progress!

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  1. Gross. It’s starting to look like Excalibur in Las Vegas. Does this mean we can replace Mickey’s Friendship Faire with Thunder From Down Under? Now THAT would be a castle show!

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