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President Donald Trump Issues Ban on All Travel from Europe (Except UK) to the United States for 30 Days Due to Coronavirus Pandemic

If you’ve been following along with our coverage of the Coronavirus pandemic as it affects Disney Parks, a recent US ban on travel from Europe might affect many of our international readers with plans to visit Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort.

Chip and dale magic kingdom

All travel from Europe to the United States is banned starting midnight on Friday, March 13, 2020, for the next 30 days. The ban does not apply to travel from the United Kingdom, however, and exemptions are in place for Americans who have undergone screenings for the virus.

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The Walt Disney Travel Company has yet to comment on the ban, but change fees were recently lifted for guests with upcoming vacation packages. In the parks themselves, heightened safety and sanitation measures have been implemented, including new portable hand-washing stations throughout all of Walt Disney World.

We’ll be keeping our eyes on developments here in Florida and in California, as well as in Paris, and Tokyo, Shanghai, and Hong Kong regarding the COVID-19 outbreak’s effect on Disney Parks operations and beyond. For all of the latest Coronavirus-related Disney Parks news throughout the ongoing pandemic, continue to check here.

  1. All travel banned from Europe, except the UK. So if someone from France goes to England, they can then come to the US? Makes loads of sense.

    1. Technically, no. There’s a 14-day period in there they’d have to comply with having been to a banned country. Still is stupid though, you’re right. Mostly because it doesn’t apply to US citizens (who’ve been among many of those returning infected), or green card holders, or their families So really it’s just a ban against Europeans.

    2. The ban applies to the countries in the Schengen Area, a zone without border controls, where foreigners from outside Europe can travel freely. The U.K. isn’t inside the Schengen Area. It wasn’t even before it exited the European Union. So visitors from France would need to pass screenings to enter the UK.

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