PHOTOS: Portable Hand Washing Stations Added Throughout Walt Disney World In Response To Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

We ran an article this morning talking about the installation of new temporary handwash stations at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Bouncing around to a few more places, it appears these are swiftly being seen at all parks across Walt Disney World.

We have seen the impact on The Walt Disney Company and its parks across the world by the Coronavirus on an almost daily news cycle. A State of Emergency has been declared in Florida because of the virus, so handwashing stations around Walt Disney World have been met with applause (rather than high-fives.)

We noticed the first additional hand-washing stations outside of World Showcase at EPCOT. The signage in place directs guests on proper directions for helping to protect yourself from the spread of germs.

The machine itself is basic in scope, serving as just added opportunity to wash and sanitize your hands. This is nice for those that do not want to venture into the restroom just to wash their hands, or they are in between locations with a restroom.


There’s a pedal on the bottom to propel the water in lieu of a faucet handle.

The station has washing stations on both sides, so it can be used by two guests at once. Paper towels are available on the top of the station.

Somewhat self-explanatory, and no doubt this sign will somehow get ignored, but these stations are strictly just for handwashing. It is not a water bottle fill station nor is it a spot to dump your drinks or clean out your reusable mugs.

We even saw the Health and Safety recommendation signs outside of bathrooms at EPCOT.

We saw the same stations available in Liberty Square at the Magic Kingdom


As well as besides Pirates of the Caribbean in Adventureland.

Outside Gaston’s Tavern, we actually saw a diligent cast member teaching guests the proper technique to wash their hands as they stepped up to the station.

We saw a slightly different looking station outside of the Anandapur Truck at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. This station appears to have had somewhat-thrown-together replacement hand sanitizer dispenser.

This is a much-appreciated improvement from the Purell sanitizing towers that are available in most of the park.

These handwashing towers will steadily be launched over the next day or so. We would anticipate more and more popping up around the parks to help prevent the spread and transmission of Coronavirus. As always, wash your hands and try your hardest to not touch your face.

We’ll be keeping our eyes on developments here in Florida and in California, as well as in Paris, and Tokyo, Shanghai, and Hong Kong regarding the COVID-19 outbreak’s effect on Disney Parks operations and beyond.

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Nikki S
Nikki S
1 year ago

I noticed there are hardly any people in your pictures. Is attendance down quite a bit? I’m heading there next week with my family.

1 year ago

I see the hose for fresh water but where does the waste water go?