Disneyland Paris Closure Possible After France Bans Large Gatherings in Response to Coronavirus Outbreak

With the spread of Coronavirus impacting more and more countries outside of Asia, recent regulations in France may lead to an imminent closure of Disneyland Paris.

Due to rising concerns over transmission of the virus, France has established a temporary ban on gatherings of more than 5,000 people in a confined space. Disneyland Paris has yet to comment on the ban, but many guests have taken to social media concerned about their upcoming trips. The ban is also likely to affect sporting events and music concerts in the region.

If Disneyland Paris closes, no Disney Parks will remain open on the Eastern Hemisphere. Shanghai Disneyland, Hong Kong Disneyland, and Tokyo Disney Resort have all also closed in response to the Coronavirus outbreak.

We’ll keep our eyes on developments here in Paris as well as in Tokyo, Shanghai, and Hong Kong regarding the COVID-19 outbreak’s effect on Disney Parks operations.

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  1. We’ve just telephoned the Disneyland Paris guest line for advice, while they are monitoring the situation the park remains open as normal today, Sunday and Monday. But of course will be reviewed.

    1. Things aren’t quite operating as usual. Reports from CastMembers are stating that starting Monday, all face character meet and greets and meals (princesses, Rey, superheroes) will be replaced with other characters (animals, etc.—fur characters) until further notice.

  2. Thank you so much, for the update! We are concerned, as Disney Paris far exceeds the 5000 head count, daily!

    Yes it may spoil our holiday plans, but we are thankful for the precautions!

    We will keep an eye open for further updates.

  3. Also, the ban applies to gatherings within an enclosed space. Disneyland is not enclosed and there is no single space there that ever houses 5000 people simultaneously. They’re taking a lot of precautions, but until things reach a point that they start banning travel, there’s no risk of closure. Presumptive articles like this add to overall media scaremongering and help no one. Someone in Florida who doesn’t even know what hemisphere France is in definitely shouldn’t be “reporting” on the situation.

  4. Can we get refunds on our tickets? We were going onto day 16 March 2020 and can’t go another time as we have mo more holidays left from work. The tickets we bought expire end of March 2020.

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