PHOTOS: Facade Work Nears Completion at the France Pavilion Expansion and Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure in EPCOT

Bonjour once again from EPCOT! The Disney Skyliner has been offering some great views of the progress being made on the France Pavilion expansion, so we thought we’d see what’s new on our way to the park.

With benches and planters having been installed, construction workers have seemingly shifted focus to finishing the building facades.

Given the unique positioning of the Skyliner, it’s interesting to see work this out in the open, with construction equipment and materials out in full view.

We can also see just how detailed the facades are, evoking the historic charm of Paris’ architecture.

Looking into the courtyard, we can see what’s left of the tarps that were laid down to protect the finished walkways.

As we pass the attraction entrance for Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, we can see workers putting the final touches on the building.

Work seems nearly complete on this facade, with attraction signage likely to go up any day now.

Chef Gusteau looks on as the area nears completion.

And as we say au revoir to this construction update, we can see just how much effort goes into making this expansion look as lovely as Paris itself.

Keep reading WDWNT for more updates on the France Pavilion expansion at EPCOT!

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  1. A lot of focus on the exterior, which is great. But I wonder if the ride itself is complete in construction….

  2. It’s great to get these updates, thank you! I know it’ll be a while before we can go back to WDW, but so love reading about the changes.

  3. I am originally from France and while I am interested to eat at the creperie restaurant I must say that the flat facade is plain ugly – they went for the cheap cartoon look and it feels cartoon-ish (not at all like Paris). On the other hand the old France pavilion is great (chef de France feels like a real brasserie in Paris) I hope I am wrong and I will like it once it opens up though.

    1. Eric, this area IS based on a cartoon, hence the cartoonish look.I disagree that it is a “cheap” cartoon look.

      1. It is based on a cartoon, however search online the WDW Paris version of Ratatouille buildings. Even though based on a cartoon it looks a lot better and my main issue is the flat facade in the back it looks cheap to me. Worst, you can see it from other parts of Epcot. I know they are trying to bring more kids to Epcot but they should make sure it is done right. Maybe they will fix this as it is still work in progress.

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