PHOTOS: First Look at New EPCOT Camera Center and Pin Traders Signs at Spaceship Earth

New signs have come to the entrance of EPCOT for its reimagining, as the Camera Center and Pin Traders have been outfitted with redesigned signage as the final touch for their new look.

The store underwent a refurbishment in December 2019, debuting new Pin Trading Headquarters window decals for the park’s reopening back in July. Above the windows, they’ve painted two rows of the tiered panels a darker gunmetal grey with the new characteristic blue along the top two panels.

Now, two new signs bookends the store. Pin Traders, on the left side, features the new EPCOT font and blue accents on the top and bottom of the grey sign. A small, modernized version of the Disney Pin Trading logo appears at the end, with lines beaming out and around the side of the wall.

A closer look at the signs also draws our attention to the notably more silvery tone of the Spaceship Earth bases. These were more of a flat grey color up until recently, but have received a more metallic tone to match the new color scheme of the reimagined entrance.

Over by the right side of the store, the new Camera Center sign follows a similar design scheme, with a small Nikon logo.

Permits were recently filed for graphics in the area, and many EPCOT purists were in fear of losing their beloved Gateway Gifts sign… but we’re happy to report that it’s still there:

If you take a closer look at the left-hand Gateway Gifts sign, however, it’s apparent that its days are numbered, much to the disappointment of fans. Both signs have survived a number of redesigns and even a repaving project, but we expect that these will inevitably also be replaced.

The new Camera Center and Pin Traders signs mirror the original signage for these stores. Much like the lucite pylons installed on the nearby fountain, what is old is new again across EPCOT as the park’s reimagining continues to borrow from the park’s early EPCOT Center roots.

What do you think of these new signs at Pin Traders and Camera Center? Let us know in the comments!

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