We had a stunning view of Volcano Bay from our window in Cabana Bay this week

PHOTOS, VIDEO: Tour a Volcano Bay View Room at Cabana Bay Beach Resort at Universal Orlando

Have you stayed in any hotels at Universal Orlando Resort? If not, we have you covered with our latest room tour. We spent a few nights in a Volcano Bay view room at Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort, so let’s see how we liked it.

Before even getting to the room, Cabana Bay’s hallways gives you an idea of what the room might look like, with brightly colored carpeting and stylized lighting fixtures.

This Volcano Bay view room is located in Beachside, one of the two towers added later to the resort. These towers are also very close to Volcano Bay and have an entrance reserved just for Cabana Bay resort guests.

Sure enough, the rooms have the same color scheme as the exterior carpet. The entire resort is themed after 1950’s & 60’s beach resorts, a rather charming aesthetic. Maybe this is what Disney’s Pop Century should’ve been.

Our room had two double beds.

The bedside table has a shelf and drawer, along with the vintage-style alarm clock and room phone. 4 standard outlets can be found above.

It’s not the fanciest, but it’s thematic.

There’s a small table and two chairs in the corner with a hanging light above them.

A majority of the outlets are near the table, with 3 standard and 2 USB available.

The dresser drawers are a vibrant red, white, and blue.

The closet has a sliding door.

The safe is on the wall inside the closet.

The closet features hangers, an ironing board and iron, and a luggage rack.

There’s a full-length mirror on the front of the bathroom door.

A look at the bathroom vanity.

A toilet sits in a lonely corner of the strangely shaped, yet spacious bathroom.

The bathroom isn’t as colorful as the main room, but there’s another splash of blue in the shower.

We obviously had a view of Volcano Bay, but also the backstage area of a restaurant. Employees would occasionally come out and take a break by the large air conditioning unit, which was kind of awkward. Most Volcano Bay views will be pleasant, but we happened to get what is likely the worst one. The higher views are quite nice.

Still, we had a view of Krakatau and some of the rest of the park.

If the photos don’t answer all of your questions, please take our video tour below! You can also search our channel for more room tours.

Overall, I’m a big fan of Cabana Bay, especially when I plan on going to Volcano Bay. Plenty of discounts are available on rooms to both Florida Residents and Annual Passholders alike. Volcano Bay view rooms are typically $15-25 more a night than a standard room, and $10 more a night than a poolside standard room. If you’re going to Volcano Bay or just prefer something pretty to look at, the upgrade is a no brainer. Rates at the Cabana Bay Beach Resort, in general, are reasonable.

Thanks for joining us on this tour! If you have stayed at Universal Orlando Resort hotels, which one is your favorite?

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Justin M.
Justin M.
1 month ago

We always stay at Cabana Bay for our Disney trips. Usually 1 day at Universal and 2-3 days at Disney. The food court and pools are fun as well.

1 month ago

We stay at Cabana Bay every Universal trip! I think we were in this exact same room when the towers were new! It is weird to see the employees on smoke breaks. A comment on staying in the volcano bay view rooms- you can hear the drum noise when the wave pool is about to make waves.So if you like to sleep in after 9 am, it will wake you up. they sometimes test it earlier we have found also. We request a higher floor room now, and the views are far better. We love to use the garden walk… Read more »

1 month ago

Etrmely basis & old fashioned room decor 🤢🤮

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