PHOTOS: Walt Disney World Testing Social Distancing Markers for Character Cavalcades

While taking a stroll down Main Street, U.S.A in the Magic Kingdom today, we noticed some new tape markers had been placed along one side of the street. These appear to be temporary, so it’s likely we’ll see permanent markers pop up in the parks by tomorrow or in the coming days.

These taped “X” markers were not here on our previous visits to the park and seem to have been purposefully spaced out.

At the moment, we think these markers could be for guests to help allow for proper social distancing while watching the popular character cavalcades that take place throughout the day, or they could even hint that parades could eventually be returning.

The markers can be found along the right-hand side of the street as you enter into Magic Kingdom and they run the entire length of Main Street, U.S.A.

It is curious that the other side of the street didn’t received the markers, though perhaps they were still working on laying them down.

Have you experienced any issues with social distancing during the popular cavalcades at the Magic Kingdom? Would you like to see social distancing markers set up along Main Street as well as other areas of the park where guests could use more visual markers for distancing? Let us know in the comments!

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6 months ago

Good idea. Should have done it from the beginning. They need to space out markers in the hub for fireworks too (once the park is open past dark). Thinking about parades makes me really miss the Electric Parade. Wish it would come back next year for the anniversary (and then never leave again!).