Yehaa Bob Jackson Fired From Walt Disney World After 23 Years at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort


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Yehaa Bob Jackson Fired From Walt Disney World After 23 Years at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort


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Yehaa Bob Jackson Fired From Walt Disney World After 23 Years at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort

For 23 years, Yehaa Bob Jackson rocked the roost with wacky piano playing and singing at the River Roost Lounge in Disney’s Port Orleans Resort. Today, he announced that he will not be returning to his role.


A beloved staple at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – Riverside, it is saddening to hear of his departure. This news comes shortly after the announcement that The Grand Floridian Society Orchestra will also not be returning to the their resort.

What are your thought on this announcement? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. I get that this is strictly a business decision given the lack of revenue at WDW and ZERO revenue at DL. But man Yee Haw Bob was the absolute best. I hope that over the long term these CMs, entertainers and other cuts can be restored. The passion all CMs have for their jobs is what makes a Disney vacation so special. My heart is broken for everyone that will be affected.

    • I agree…so many good memories. Hope there is a plan in place to bring him and others back eventually. It gives us something to look forward to.

    • Disney is an American Icon. I have traveled for years but the Disney experience is the best in the world. The cast members are the best. We hope our AMERICA returns to normal soon.

    • The Japanese drummers were incredible….what is disney thinking, you will just another amusement ride dump here soon.

      • My patient wife always waited for me as I went pavillion to pavillion in The World Showcase watching the live entertainment. WDW will not be the same without them
        I was fortunate to see Yehaa Bob while at Port Orleans Riverside. A highlight of our trip.

    • AD
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      So Disney will lay off and fire about $28,000 people but hire a flunky football player to make fake movies about his privileged life making lies saying how hard he had it being brought up with rich white people while normal hard working people are being laid off. Great Job Disney. Only Black Lives Matter to Disney.

  2. This is so sad. Many people look forward to seeing a familiar friendly memory/ person when being “Welcomed Home”. My second thought is the very highly compensated upper management could take a small decrease to help save some of these cherished positions! I am a DVC owner.

    • Exactly those higher ☝ wont take a pay cut. Hopefully they fall hard times as well. Enjoy the same medicine we take.

        • Ok So yes they have chosen to give up “some” Pay, but the reality is its nothing for them. Bob Igers total compensation package is 46. something million and only 3 mil is salary- yea hes going to struggle with 43Million. Bob Chepak total compensation is 25 million which only 2.5 is salary so 50% is 1.25 million. So I guess his family is going to struggle to live on 23.7 million. So in retrospect,how does that even remotely compare with those employees out of work who will have $0 coming in.. Not even remotely a big enough sacrifice comparitively! And keep in mind, while Disney is the largest single employer in Florida, the employees wages are very low. So think about the contrast of that.

    • Charlotte, the upper management are so highly paid because they have to make these tough decisions. You all seem to think these are easy decisions, they are not. They keep people up at night, they hurt the decision makers as well, not as directly financially, but hard. I too am a DVC owner, and what I want to ensure is that my investment is protected. I want to make sure there is a DVC to go back to. And this is EXACTLY what the upper management have to do as well. Unless you have had to make decisions about other people’s livelihoods, and balance them against investors demands, I think it is only fair to reserve judgment.

      • So what you are saying is you are only worried about your investment not other people having a job??? Am I reading that correctly???? Because if that is correct, that is the most selfish comment I have ever read. Your vacation package isn’t more important then people keeping their jobs!! SORRY

      • I am also a 20+ years DVC owner, but I want to make sure you understand that our ownership really is separate from Disneyworld. So those decisions don’t really affect our ownership investment (By the way, its not really an investment so much as a cost) .As far as reserving judgement I also posted this previously and I think it bears repeating.

        Ok So yes they have chosen to give up “some” Pay, but the reality is its nothing for them. Bob Igers total compensation package is 46. something million and only 3 mil is salary- yea hes going to struggle with 43Million. Bob Chepak total compensation is 25 million which only 2.5 is salary so 50% is 1.25 million. So I guess his family is going to struggle to live on 23.7 million. So in retrospect,how does that even remotely compare with those employees out of work who will have $0 coming in.. Not even remotely a big enough sacrifice comparitively! And keep in mind, while Disney is the largest single employer in Florida, the employees wages are very low. So think about the contrast of that. Added-(And thats just the top 2 executives in this corporation)

  3. WoW
    This is hard to swallow. Always a great show , hair perfect and made my mom smile for two hours . Thank you for the GREAT memories Bob

  4. Disney keep Bob, however spend millions for a a poly refurbishment. Secondly I guess since he is not an IP and a revenue generator let him go. I wonder how long is jim the pianoman is let go. This is all sad and ruining the entertainment value for guests besides park offerings.

    • Matt, Is jim the piano man from Casey’s? If yes, that will be the most devastating. If im not mistaken hes been there since MK opened in 71?

  5. This is crap. What is disney thinking with all this? Letting all these great people go. But the big money executives are back to making their millions. Disney will never be the same. Ridiculous

    • Some execs have already eschewed their pay. It’s a tough business and I don’t envy the team making these extremely difficult decisions.

    • That’s the problem. No one is staying anywhere. At least not enough to provide entertainment. I regret not having taken my grandson to see Bob!

  6. I’m so sad to hear this news. His show was super fun. My daughter worked at Riverside and LOVED his show. It was great fun for me as well when I would visit. Just tragic!

  7. It’s clear that Disney is no longer in the profession of making magic or happy memories. Pretty soon, they’ll have fired everyone and replace them all with animatronics. Still waiting for my refund…it’ll probably never be processed.

  8. I am very sad to hear of these positions being eliminated. I do not like this happening at all. Disney you should be ashamed. 23 long years of his hard work and art shared with millions of your Guests and this is how you treat him and the orchestra?

  9. This is definitely sad. That’s the one thing everyone recommended if you were staying at Port Orleans Riverside. I understand they are trying to make cuts to save money, but… man that’s a lot they are cutting.

  10. Disney is turning into nothing more than a Six Flags. Executives should realize without the magic that these performers provide guest experiences won’t be the same. First the food went way down hill, then projection just went into every ride as a cheap noticeable attempt at an upgrade, and now we see great performers that put their heart into every performance they do get the boot like it’s nothing. These jobs could have been saved these jobs should be saved.

  11. This has got to be a joke. In all of our 50 trips going down to Disney, we never missed a show. What a kind considerate person who took the time before a show to meet his audience. What wonderful memories Bob created. Disney not only lost a great entertainer but really a loss on money his show brought in. Keep going strong Bob. Loved every show!

  12. Disney has been going down the drain for years this solidifies my thoughts and there is no rationale for this decision. Blaming it on covid is not a viable cause

  13. At some point, Disney must realize that eliminating entertainment experiences at a theme park without replacing them results in a net negative for overall guest experience. Yes, it has been an impossible difficult year, but if you eliminate the special experiences that make guests’ memories and experiences so diverse, the enthusiasm for return visits diminishes, word of mouth will spread, and potential first timers will choose to spend their vacation elsewhere.

  14. I hope that there is a severance package or retirement fund for this entertainer. Most artists financially suffer as it is difficult to obtain steady work for them in normal times, let alone this difficult time of COVID-19. It is a shame as talent like him is the reason we love Disney. Why cant the Disney executives all cut their pay to keep these talented artists from unemployment. Just their monthly salary can pay for at least 100 low paying employees. Where is the magic???

    • because the bottom line is all disney cares about, you and I and others would do the right but we can’t fight their bottom line which rules disney now RIP disney

  15. Chapek strikes again, a bean counter in charge of an entertainment company. I guess Chapek didn’t get the memo that disney is in the entertainment industry. Disney can take their billion dollar plus star wars crap and $200 lightsabers and shove it.

  16. If u cut out all the Disney entertainment then your left with just rides and I don’t think that worth renewing our AP anymore.

  17. Do ya’ll know the difference between laid off and fired? Why would you discredit this man. Laid off means fault of employer, Fired means fault of employee. Shame on you!

    • You’re incredibly wrong. Mass firings are layoffs. HR departments in corporations started using the term to soften the blow to employees. A quick read of the Webster’s definition of “fired” will show you that it has nothing to do with the reason for dismissal.

    • The more I think about it, he has to make money for the Port. They must rake in money every time he performs. If he isn’t there it’s just a lonely lobby lounge. So sad

  18. In Japan ceo’s and vp’s are the first to be let go before the men and women in the trenches shame corporate USA can’t it the same

  19. So sad to see another WDW institution go. It is symptomatic of WDW losing its unique identity as place of fun and old fashioned entertainment. we have spent thousands of our hard earned pounds traveling to Florida (WDW) since 1991 and we have witnessed the slow erosion of Walts dream on the alter of huge profits for greedy shareholders. Hard working entertainers and cast members dumped when the going has got tough over the last 6 months. It all smacks of an opportunity make the place just for high speed ride junkies and promoting tired movie franchise, such a shame we always loved going to Disney. We were hoping to spend our 50th wedding anniversary in 2022 at Disney and enjoying Bob, but we are now re-thinking our plans. Maybe universal has more appeal now?

  20. I have loved Disney since I was a little girl.Disney was all about family and loyalty. Well,now that I see all these people being let go, I now have a different option of Disney. Not a loyal company or a family business.. Of course it is all about the money now. It saddens me greatly.

  21. What on Earth is happening at Disney world I know Some high level executives aren’t making their bonuses so their firing a lot of people beneath them Also their doing this to protect their stockholders it also seems like to me there absolutely gutting That’s right there gutting the Disney world company from the inside out so when you go there you are going to see just a hollow hollow shell of their former selves I do not appreciate what I am seeing from Disney it discussed me is a disgusting display of all this money numbers being observed being put above everything else instead of what customer experience seems like to me that the real loser here in all of this is the guest there their experience is what’s going to suffer the most because when they go there and they go into The going to the grand Floridian where that orchestra used to play in its silent or they go into Port Orleans French quarter they don’t CE ha Bob playing anymore but maybe of some sort a robotic machine or something like that then you know that soul that Part of what my Disney world Disney world is being slowly raised I realised Disney world should not be a museum but also to you should not be I mass gross display of p*** poor management But this really comes as no surprise 3 years ago I was at Disney world and me and my family worked terribly impressed with the the service we got at port Orleans French quarter but we were noticed in the same thing pretty much everywhere and other people have been complaining about this as well these new world shame on you shame on you My heart and prayers go out to all those who been recently unemployed but don’t worry you folks are very very talented you’ll find something else very soon God-bless

  22. I was concerned for him when the notice came out about the Grand Floridian Orchestra being let go. Sadly enough, Disney continues to get rid of everything that makes it unique, it is becoming nothing more than an overly expensive hotel chain, mall and amusement park.

  23. Guess I’m next as a Boatwrights server i used to enjoy taking care of my guests n telling new guests about yeehaw Bob. Nothing confirmed yet but its been a magical time.

  24. When vivid started my first comment was that businesses would use covid to scale way back or as an excuse to risk a marginal business and end that business. How many businesses now use covid as an excuse what excuse will they use when covid is over? Employees that still have nobs will be very grateful and work longer for less just to stay employed that is why some want covid to be never ending. Florida is totally open yet some businesses are not taking advantage it is about fear and control.

  25. I know a lot of people love him.
    But watching his show was absolute torture for me.
    Not my thing in any way, shape or form.
    I absolutely love the River Roost lounge, but I’ve recently tried to visit it & POR on nights he’s not playing.
    Not trying to be negative here, just making the point that this is a positive development for some of us. Although I wish him well elsewhere.

  26. I can guarantee you they weren’t paying him over $100k/year in salary. If they want to they could’ve kept him. He is a one man show, how hard is it to keep one guy , maybe they approached him & asked if he would take a 60% cut & he said no. Loved Yeeha Bob , don’t worry Universal will nab some of these performers for their high end resorts.
    This is yet another classic Chapek/Cheapek Move.

  27. Disney still not able to learn. Reducing the quality of the magic at this wonderful place only proves that money has always been the end goal. How can you call it the happiest place when there is so much sadness. Walt bet his whole fortune on these magical lands so it strikes me hard at the way the caretakers of this Magic are treating his dream.

  28. What is wrong with Disney? Bob is the perfect embodiment of fun and family entertainment. Where else can you take children who can participate as well as parents enjoying the show?

  29. The makes me sad. I love his show and is one of my reason I love to stay at Port Orleans. Our family would make his show an absolute must do on our Disney trip.

  30. Is Disney going to be anything like it was when I return? The reason I am good with spending the kind of money we do on our trips is because of the extras. ( that would maybe confuse some people into believing that means free, absolutely incorrect) All the shows, parades, meet and greets, dining, entertainment at our resorts, and my personal favorite Epcot’s employees from around the world representing their countries. This is what makes WDW a completely immersive experience. Without those touches it just kind feels like an amusement park, a very good one but you get my drift. We canceled our trip in September and honestly we have no intention of rescheduling it the way things are right now. On to another issue the firings and lay offs… I know Disney is struggling and have made some incredibly hard choices but they need to realize it’s all about the nostalgia. Altering rides, eliminating shows, it’s a slippery slope and I hope they are prepared for some backlash.

  31. Disney continues to shoot themselves in the foot. I have loved Mickey Mouse and Walt Disney for years but the magic is quickly disappearing. I am very disappointed in Disney

  32. So let’s hear how many top exec’s have lost their gig at Disney… Or better yet, have volunteered to reduce their salaries so that these folks can keep their jobs until things get better or back to normal??
    I bet 1 exec reduction in salary can keep dozens of employed.
    The people they are letting go are the heart and soul of the place.

  33. I understand that Disney is a business…however, I also thought they actually cared about people. To lay off/fire an employee of 23 years and not try to use him somewhere else makes no sense. 😭

  34. This is heart breaking. Can’t they save musicians? Executives should get their salary cut to save more employees.

  35. Disney is ruining a lifetime of memories… parents like me love bringing their kids to show them the things we loved as a child…what are they going to take away next, the Campfire sing along at Fort wilderness? Having the band at GF welcoming you home every night was a staple… I remember as a kid when the cast members loved their jobs and tried to make memories with you…now cast members act like employees and get annoyed when you talk with them… let’s make memories again Disney!!! Please!

  36. Nooo! Bob is one of the many reasons my family visits Port Orleans. This is a hard loss and I pray him and his family will be alright. Hopefully Disney brings these treasures back.

  37. We met Bob as part of the Dueling Pianos at Gaylord Palms many years ago! He came to our table and encouraged us to come to Port Orleans to see his solo show. We have been going ever since and always bring our visitors. Guess that is over now. 😢😢

  38. This is so sad. The enjoyment that the entertainers bring to the young and old is what Disney is all about. Disney needs to start cutting the fat at the top. Before long it might not be worth going to Disney. Boy, that hurt to say. Poor Walt is rolling in his grave. A place that was made for families is slowly out pricing those who support them.

  39. I understand the pain that the Disney company is going through but gutting the magic out of Walt Disney World is not the answer. Perhaps if everyone including the executives all agreed to share the pain together they could find a way to hold this thing together. Doing it this way makes WDW less attractive to visit

  40. Unfortunately disney is no longer about the people it’s about the almighty dollar and bending to the whims of any vocal whining group at the moment. Disney has lost alot of credibility with firing producers,changing names of things and iconic rides. Disney has become another political battlefield just like the sporting industry. It’s disgusting.

  41. How about people at the top take pay cuts. You are Getting rid of tradition. By firing a lot of these people. You already through the passholders under the rock. By the way you guys open things back up. And you wonder how you’re going to make money by doing stuff like this. I found out through a friend that works for Disney world that some of the vendors don’t even charge for there product like coke. It is pure profit. Maybe the companie need to have a audit

    • they would not dare take a pay cut. Thats like stopping congress giving themselves pay raises. Wake up

    • Well, as much as we all love Bob, he was most likely at the top of his pay scale, I don’t agree with the cuts, and I do belive the Bob’s can take a cut, maybe give up there Bonus, but disney needs to realize the world in not California, all the parks are open except DL-Cal, they have the go-ahead from Florida to increase capacity, they choose not to.

    • You must have already forgotten that the top executives at Disney already took huge pay cuts before the layoffs even started. Some of them even cut almost their entire salary. Disney has been leading the pack in trying to take care of the employees. BTW, the free coke rumor was debunked years ago,

  42. The magic of Disney world is dying. All of these CM play a huge role in the magic. Without the CM and the entertainment they provide Disney is clumped into being just a theme park, and that wasn’t how Disney was ever suppose to be portrayed. These is all so sad. My heart goes out to all the CM.

  43. It is so sad to see these great people loose their jobs over this, but I blame Disney and not strictly the Covid. As an annual pass holder I am only allowed to pre schedule three days and every year I live going to Disney for the Christmas holiday, so I had to make a decision to either book my three day I am allowed to visit to park in Dec and not be able to go anyday prior because of this rule. So Disney I booked my December and now I am unable to book or come to the parks anytime prior. My money nor my passes are any good, nor can I help by spending my money in the parks prior to help you keep some of these great little things that make you outshine other parks, the magic is going bye bye.. If anything you think they would help and let passholders book maybe three visits each month. Really makes be wonder if I am going to renew my annual parks. Really sad!!!

  44. Everyone here is sad and voicing their opinions, but I’m sure as soon as things get back to normal you’ll all be clamoring at the front gates and these people will be replaced by newer and cheaper talent.

  45. There are no words for the sadness I felt when I got this news. Bob Jackson – Yeehaa Bob – is a Disney icon at Port Orleans Riverside. I have been an annual passholder for many years and always make it a point to go see him. Not re-newing it. I think Disney made a big mistake on this one. And on many others. So heartbreaking for all of them. Even all the cast members who lost their jobs yesterday – Some like family to me. I know they have lost revenues, but you know it will come back. Taking the happiness away from us, means many are not coming back soon, pandemic or not. Greed? – probably! I hope Bob Jackson finds another venue to play. His followers (thousands), will go there!!

  46. Open our country so people can work and live their lives. The state and local governments are to blame for shutting us down longer than the ‘flattening the curve” order. We should be able to vote or decide if we want to give up our rights to life, liberty or the pursuit of happiness. Instead we have had these rights taken from us by dictatorial governments and we have peacefully allowed it. Shame on them and shame on us.

  47. Unbelievable!!! This just shows that even the smartest of management can be dumb. Bob is a staple there and local people used to go to his shows all the time. I personally have seen Bob so many times I can’t remember. Anytime our families were in town we always brought them to see Bob. We will miss you Bob, keep smiling and maybe someone will get smart again

  48. Disney has become a giant money thirst animal. Its time they re evaluate there business. I feel it was a long time coming. . They have become so morally wrong

  49. Just as frustrating as disney having to let go of so many people is the absurd way reporters are labeling their stories. Getting fired is not the same as being laid off. Please stop adding to the negative world that everyone is living by falsely starting that he was fired. He, along with thousands of other are being laid off. You starting that incorrectly becomes a problem as it vilifies Disney, and may make things worse. That in turn could further impact their business and lead to more people getting laid off. Yes they could make some different decisions, but the requirement to lay off is never an easy one. Let’s focus on getting our world healthy again so we can stop making up headlines for a quick buck.

  50. So sad disney wants to save money great. LETS START AT THE TOP FIRST then all the little guys can keep their jobs. So so sad

  51. Cut the entertainment value at Disney. Cry Corona after it opens back up. Beg for gov’t bailout.(taxpayer money bailout) Use it to pay the big guys at the top of the ladder one last overvalued amount. File another bankruptcy. Walk away with a full bank account

  52. That is terrible, my entire family just loved him. Hes hysterical and gets the entire room involved in the fun!! A poor decision.

  53. As a Florida resident and a pass holder for many years Disney lost its magic a long time ago for me. My resort of choice was Port Orleans because of Bob. My first visit was in 1971 with my small son, my last visit was with my youngest grandchild and yes it will forever be my last visit. I will keep my A,B,C, etc. tickets to remember how it use to be.

  54. So glad I didn’t renew my tickets to this place and in 45 min away. Disney is rotten and should be lowering tickets and taking pay cuts at the top. I wouldn’t wanna pay them a dime now . I have stopped even watching the Disney shows, even canceled Disney plus . They have billions and could he helping there employees. But they are just like every other money hungry corporation.

  55. These performers, Bob and others, were part of the magic that is a “Disney Experience”. Their tremendous absence will be felt for years to come. This year has been hard for many business especially entertainment, food service and hospitality. IMO Disney has a duty of care not being upheld, an obligation to Bob and the others who have sacrificed years of their life and the possibility of furthering their careers outside of Disney. I am pretty sure they were not doing it for the pay! They did it/do it for the love of their job, for the families who came back year after year or more frequently, for the children and adults who are experiencing the magic that is Disney for the first time. I honestly wish I had the money to pay their salaries and keep them at Disney. I would do it in a heartbeat! But for now I will have to settle for the memories in my heart and mind of what was and what may never be again.

  56. The Disney Parks are in a bad situation. Not nearly enough money coming in and no certainty about the future. Disney is forced to lose some of it’s best people. Some of them may return one day but most will not. Those let go will have to do what they can to survive. They will be finding employment elsewhere, doing what work they can find. Some will eventually end up employed doing what they are great at with Disney’s competition. In that way Disney loses twice…

  57. The Live music and the talented dedicated musicians that play it have always been a HUGE part of what made Disney World a special attraction. Firing them during this very difficult time of employment for performers and after all thier many yrs of dedication in making the park a success, is not only cruel, but is a very damaging and shortsighted measure. Make no mistake, the public will not react kindly to this travesty and it will ultimately bite Disney in the rear!

  58. My husband and I have been to Disney World at least 32 times, if not more since 1984, and once we heard about YeeHaw Bob we have always made it a tradition to see him on the first night we arrive at Disney. We are more then sad to hear he will no longer be there. I understand Disney may be struggling, we all are, but this is why we love to come to Disney. If they no longer have the classics, we will not go as often. Very, very sad.

  59. So sad to hear this news. Yee ha Bob was a wonderful entertainer all these years. My family loved seeing him over the past 21 years that we have gone to see him. Such sad news.

  60. I think Disney taking away the enjoyment of music, fireworks, shows, and the magic in general is going to hurt them in the long run. I’m here now and Hollywood Studios just wasn’t the same yesterday. I miss the shows, the marching of the Storm Troopers, etc…It kind of sucks!

  61. Well, just like all other companies, the little guys get hurt. When you are making multi millions a year taking a small cut doesn’t really effect you. For me and my yearly pass, I will not be renewing for my family of four. Bye bye Disney !

  62. So Disney will lay off and fire about $28,000 people but hire a flunky football player to make fake movies about his privileged life making lies saying how hard he had it being brought up with rich white people while normal hard working people are being laid off. Great Job Disney. Only Black Lives Matter to Disney.

  63. So upset over this. His shows were great. Je was such a nice guy. It was one of the reasons we always stayed at Port Orleans

  64. I wouldn’t be surprised if Disney fired him so the company wouldn’t have to pay retirement. Most Cast Members “bow out gracefully” before that mark.

  65. While at DHS, getting lunch at Rosie’s, the sky looked real dark. I made eye contact with a cast member who was emptying trash. She engaged me in conversation as the Florida rain poured around us. We talked about working at WDW, Fantasmic, and the weather. When the weather started to clear, I thanked her for the chat and keeping the park so clean. It is the Cast Members who bring the magic to WDW.

  66. I always looked forward to seeing Bob at Port Orleans (DIXIE LANDINGS) whenever I went to Disney. It was an added perk only we had thereceived. I Understand that this resort is closed for now so maybe when it opens again we will get Bob back fingers crossed.

  67. Disney’s CEO made a bonus large enough to give every employee at Disney a decent increase. I worked for Disney. Most employees fall into poverty level. The Grand Floridian orchestra was part of the resort. As was Richard the doorman that recently passed away. He and the pianist there I knew that died recently had to work, pretty much until the day they died, because of poor policy and lack of Disney ethics. The fact that Disney does things without fan input places them in league with Trump.

  68. Disney is cutting the magic….quickly becoming just another theme park without the special touches that made it special! They can open to full capacity in Fl ou rida..yet they choose to keep reduced capacity! Ticket prices are not any lower for a reduced fireworks, no parades, no charecters..but much money spent on painting BLM in Basketball Courts and setting up the bubble for arrogrant and nasty basketball players! Would say the rush to honor BLM has cost much more than Disney ever thought possible! As a DVC owner..very disappointed with Disney’s political correctness!

  69. It is unbelievable that Disney cannot see the value of keeping Bob. He is the reason that many of us make the Port our home away from home. Our kids have grown up listening to his unique stylings for the last 20 years. His absence will create a void that cannot be filled. We hope that someone at Disney will realize that they have made a mistake and find a way to bring him back.

  70. I wonder how did anyone survive before disneyland was built. What did they look forward too? Man I hope our love for disney and the greed of those who profit from disney doesn’t make the virus worse and infected those not willing to accept the severity of the pandemic. Do you think the Ceo of disney will go to the park with you and ride the rides or Do you think he wants to stay in the safety of his home and count the money he received front the all the sheep he allowed to enter his park for slaughter. They told this story in pinochio. The boys just played on the island and didn’t care about anything in the world that could hurt them. Not good people.

    A cooperations survival should never be more important than humans. If Disney wants to stay open and continue to operate after the pandemic they should shut their mouths sit tight and weather the storm like the rest of us

  71. Disney has responsibility the narrative should change from why we can’t open to, we will not be opening and will be utilizing our space and money to help quell this virus so that there are enough of you in the future to profit from. We will do this to set fourth a good example with our billions of followers. Stop asking why we can’t open because they already know why they can’t open. were dealing with an unforeseen unprecedented pandemic that has affected 34 million people around the world that is the reason you cannot open.

  72. This is an absolutely horrible decision. How many of the big money executives lost their jobs or took a pay cut? The people getting laid off most likely make less money in one year collectively than one of the top dogs and yet the little people get their throats cut every time….simply horrible!

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