Disney Extending Premier Passports 30 Days at a Time While Disneyland Resort Remains Closed, Full Extension To Be Made When California Parks Reopen

With Disneyland Resort still closed, Disney has just released extension guidelines for its top Annual Passholders with Premier Passports, a pass which includes access to resorts on both coasts. 30-day extensions are being made so that Passports remain active and will continue on a monthly basis until a theme park reopening date has been identified for the Disneyland Resort.


The full details are outlined in this email was issued to Premier Passport holders:

Dear Valued Annual Passholder, 

Thank you so much for your continued patience as we navigate through these unprecedented times. We can’t tell you how much we appreciate the ongoing support and loyalty we’ve seen from passholders like you.  

In the coming weeks we will be applying extensions to Premier Passports on the verge of expiration. These 30-day extensions are being made so that Passports remains active — and available to make park reservations at Walt Disney World®Resort—while the Disneyland® Resort theme parks remain closed. Extensions will continue on a monthly basis until a theme park reopening date has been identified for the Disneyland® Resort. At that time, a final extension will be applied to all Premier Passports based on the theme park closure period so you can return to making magical memories again on both coasts.

If you have any questions, please contact V.I.PASSHOLDER Support at (407) 939-7277. We have been experiencing heavy call volume during this time period and appreciate your patience. 

We appreciate our passholder family and look forward to providing magic for years to come. 

Disney Destinations, LLC
  1. As a Premiere AP, I have yet to receive such an email. As WDW was about to reopen, they extended my Premier AP on the WDW side (as seen in the MDE app) 125 days, the same number of days DLR would have been closed had it reopened on July 17 as initially hoped. This showed forthought on WDW’s part. When I called DLR’s AP desk to share with them what WDW had done, they were surprised because they had not yet received this information, and they were not applying the extensions to passes yet until they knew for sure they were reopening. As of this time the Disneyland app still reports the expiration date that I had before WDW added 125 days. This means I have two expiration dates, a DLR expiration date (that is next month), and a WDW expiration date that is safely into next year (for now).

    If DLR does not extend the expiration on their end/in their system, my pass will technically expire, and I will not be eligible for AP merch discounts at DLR stores (ie: World of Disney, and what was Wonderground), nor will I be eligible for dining discounts in Downtown Disney. Also, free PhotoPass downloads of all photos and videos in my account will end once the pass hits the current expiration date (again next month).

    It is most appreciated that Disney Destinations LLC is doing these 30 day extensions, however, they need to be done in both WDW and DLR ticketing systems. Right now, the DLR side is not in-sync with WDW.

  2. ‘Aight, I’m just making sure I understand this because I’m pretty sure this is saying what I wanted to say, but I’m also stupid. My passport is going to extend for the entire length of time I could not use it because Disneyland was closed?

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