Gov. Ron DeSantis Will be Lifting Restaurant Capacity Restrictions and Supports Walt Disney World Increasing Capacity


Gov. Ron DeSantis Will be Lifting Restaurant Capacity Restrictions and Supports Walt Disney World Increasing Capacity


Gov. Ron DeSantis Will be Lifting Restaurant Capacity Restrictions and Supports Walt Disney World Increasing Capacity

While California Gov. Gavin Newsom has been slow to allow Disneyland Resort to reopening during the COVID-19 pandemic, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announced that he wants Walt Disney World to increase capacity. The Florida governor also stated that he would soon lift restaurant capacity restrictions statewide and will act to prevent local governments from imposing their own restrictions.

I don’t think that the closure of restaurants has been particularly effective. They’re not going to be able to be closed by locals anymore, and they’ll be able to operate at the capacity that they’re comfortable with.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

Currently, restrictions force restaurants to operate at 50% capacity. Gov. DeSantis likened the spikes in Miami and Broward County to an A/B test of whether or not closing restaurants was effective. His conclusion that closing restaurants did not contribute to lower infection rates stands as his reasoning for lifting restrictions.

Soon Gov. DeSantis turned his conversation to Walt Disney World Resort. He noted that the capacity restrictions of the parks are self-imposed. In fact, the governor stated that he supported the Disney Parks “going to a greater capacity.”

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      • Well pat, if you are that worried, no one is forcing you to go. Stay home boarded up and let the rest of us live. COVID is WAY overblown. We, as a species, would be MUCH better off if healthy people were allowed to live normal mask free lives and get COVID. Anyone who has reservations about exposure by all means, mask up, stay home do whatever you feel you need to do to protect yourself. Then when enough people have been exposed, you can come out of your basement and thank the rest of us!

    • And that’s how it SHOULD work! Return to normal and let people make their own choices. As for me I’m at WDW right now, the reduced crowds are nice, but the wait times are near normal for this time of year for most attractions anyway. I’d MUCH rather be able to walk around without a face diaper on, no matter the crowd size!

    • I agree with you! They can at least bring back meal planning and fast passes for sure if the capacity is going to increase. We’re supposed to pay thousands to stand in line for hours and not be able to enjoy rides do to the increase in capacity at the park? Ridiculous

    • I had COVID and you really don’t have a clue that these restrictions do absolutely nothing. Stay home , more room for the rest of us. Wearing a mask on a 101 degree day is not healthy.

  1. So question to all does anybody know this answer because i don’t this answer let’s say Florida’s state government lifts the mask mandate from required statewide to optional statewide and Disney World doesn’t agree with that decision can they(Disney World) still enforce it making it required still or do they have to obey the state governors decision?

    • Disney enforces rules that stops adults from wearing costumes in their parks. If Disney wants to enforce mask wearing, they can enforce mask wearing.

      If government says Disney has to force guests to wear masks, Disney must force guests to wear masks.

      But if government says people don’t have to wear masks, then it will be up to Disney if they want to continue that policy. This isn’t Disney specific though. This is just how things work generally so this goes for just about everything and every business, everywhere.

      • I believe as long as someone passes the temperature test on the way in ( which in my opinion is ok to do, but seems its against Hippa for them to test my temperature) they shouldnt need the masks. Hopefully everyone has learned by now that t hey have to be careful . we carry sanitizer, we carry wipes to keep wiping our hands and other objects we may come in contact with, ( yes we use a lot of them) and we try to be as careful as we can about personal space.and we wash our hands frequently. Personally I have not seen any sick kids or adults but we never know. I think that is great that no one is constantly blowing their noseor sneezing on anyone. This way people I am sorry to say have to cancel trips if someone is sick instead of going anyways.

    • As a private company they can enforce any dress code descisions they wish. That goes for any business. They have the right to refuse service.

    • I live in Louisiana, but drive weekly throughout Florida for work from Pensacola all the way down to Cape Coral and most cities in between (I do work for Dollar General) and I can tell you masks as of now are treated as optional as they are in my home state of Louisiana.

      Some places are strict, Ironically one of my cigar shops, but most will not mention masks. With that said, any private company can require any ‘attire’ anytime during the year for any reason. No shoes, no shirt sorta thing or jacket/tie required. So Disney could require it even though its not a government mandate.

      I can tell you from being there 3x since they reopened, it is not fun wearing a mask in Florida in August. And with movement restrictions, I got “advised” I could not want and eat at the same time, I was asked to step to the side against a building to finish my food and drink before continuing, and with increasing crowds, masks will keep me from visiting again until they are gone or it gets “cold” which is January – March there.

    • The Governor’s actions remove the state/local limits on capacity, etc. Disney is still free to keep their mask requirement and distancing and capacity limits. All he is doing is removing the state from the equations and letting businesses decide for themselves.

    • Disney can have their own standards. Any restaurant/operation can have their own standards. Limited seating and masks are still required at Disney, many local restaurants are stating they still require masks and limited seating. Disney is a benchmark for safety standards in the industry. They won’t move forward with DeSantis recommendations until they are ready, not just because the governor said so…

  2. Please do not increase capacity, Disney, without also extending hours and reopening shows in the parks. Wait times need to get shorter again for it to be worth going without a ticket price decrease.

    • Wait times will go away if they fill all the seats, just like Universal is doing, if, if you’re wearing a mask, no need to not fill the seats, this will get rid of wait times, also, looks like fast pass is coming back, and the resorts on hotel plaza Blvd are bringing back buss service. Disney is this case needs to.fallow suit with Universal, all 3 of the parks.are packed

      • I’d rather they don’t fill the seats, but I also wish they’d start using a virtual standby queue for most of the rides. One reason I’m not going to Universal on my November trip is because of how packed it has been (unless they start limiting crowds and have night hours by the time I go).

  3. the only problem with increasing capacity any more than it has been the last couple weeks is there is no way anyone will be able to social distance 6 feet, , kind of crazy , they should make it 3 feet, a lot better instead of everyone being told to move out of the way

    • not sure i you’ve been to the parks, the only time they Social distance, is when your waiting in line to get in to a Store or on a ride, other wise its business as usual. every one is crowding each other. Like i said i think on this one Universeal got it right. Our Governor just released the last bit of lock down, its now at the businesses discretion, and he has said, its Disney’s choice to increase capacity, its disney keeping the parks at low capacity

  4. Florida is seeing a spike in cases, and all this governor sees is $$$ that disney could generate. He cares little for the people who would be increasingly put that risk. If you see a spike in cases figure out what is causing it, don’t make excuses for what is working around the country because it’s a much bigger issue in Florida than most of the country.

  5. Not wearing a mask sure is preferable choosing to wear or not wear one would be awesome. A family member and I were just discussing this. If you were high risk and really concerned about Corona Virus there are so many options to keep you from getting exposed out in the public delivery services even for groceries I guess you can sanitize all your stuff on arrival, hunker down and wait it out. Looking forward to trip hope mask mandate dropped soon, because it will definitely effect how much time I spend in the park and money.

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