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Disney Park Pass Availability Update (9/24/20): First December Weekend Booked Up for Annual Passholders at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Once again, the Disney Park Pass Availability calendar is getting filled up for Annual Passholders months ahead of time. Of course, given how often things change with Park Pass availability, anything can happen. We’ve seen reservation availability previously replenished multiple times in the past few weeks, so I wouldn’t go cancelling your Turkey Day plans just yet.

To check for the most current and up-to-date Disney Park Pass availability, you can take a look at the calendar here. As a reminder, Annual Passholders are limited to three rolling Park Pass reservations at a time, in addition to any acquired via a Disney Resort hotel stay.

Disney Park Passes for Annual Passholders


Previously replenished, September is now only showing full availability for Sept. 29 and 30. If you’re heading to the parks this weekend (or planned to), there’s no availability on Saturday and Sunday, and limited availability on Friday and Monday.


Moving into October, we’re still seeing very limited availability on the weekends, with Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Hollywood Studios both fully booked for most Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. The Monday onColumbus Day weekend is also showing limited availability. October 3 and 10 are already fully booked for Annual Passholders as well.


November, which had previously been fully restored in terms of availability for Annual Passholders, is already fully booked at Disney’s Hollywood Studios on every weekend, except Sunday, Nov. 29. November 11 and 27 are fully booked at Disney’s Hollywood Studios as well.


Thankfully, December is still mostly wide-open, but if you’re looking to visit Santa Gertie at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, we recommend booking as soon as possible—the park has already filled up on the first Saturday of the month.

Disney Park Passes for Disney Resort Guests


At the start of the Park Pass system launch, Disney Resort Guests had pretty much open availability all the time, but with more and more people starting to travel, that’s no longer the case. This weekend is already fully booked at all parks for resort guests, with only limited availability through the remainder of September.


In October, it seems people are staying the entire week for the Columbus Day holiday, with Disney’s Hollywood Studios fully booked on Oct. 6 and 8-17. The rest of the month still shows full availability if you’re a resort guest, thankfully.

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Disney Resort guests are already planning for their Thanksgiving week at Walt Disney World. November 22 – 27 are fully booked at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.


In case you were wondering, December is still showing full availability for resort guests, but you should start booking rooms and park passes before they run out!

Disney Park Passes for Theme Park Tickets Guests


Similarly, Theme Park Tickets Guests are seeing limited availability through the end of September.


In October, Disney’s Hollywood Studios is fully booked on Oct. 6 and 8-17. The rest of the month still shows full availability for Theme Park Ticket Guests.


November 22 – 27 are fully booked at Disney’s Hollywood Studios for Theme Park Ticket guests.


December is still showing full availability for guests with tickets.

Well, what are you waiting for? Go book some park passes, before it’s too late. If you’re looking to make reservations, you can check out our step-by-step guide here.