PHOTO REPORT: Disney’s Hollywood Studios 9/13/20 (New Neon Park Icon Loungefly Backpack, Hollywood Scoops Returns, Long Lines & Broken Rides, and More)

Kevin Lake


PHOTO REPORT: Disney’s Hollywood Studios 9/13/20 (New Neon Park Icon Loungefly Backpack, Hollywood Scoops Returns, Long Lines & Broken Rides, and More)

Kevin Lake


PHOTO REPORT: Disney’s Hollywood Studios 9/13/20 (New Neon Park Icon Loungefly Backpack, Hollywood Scoops Returns, Long Lines & Broken Rides, and More)

We’re in the back half of the weekend at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and also the tail end of Tropical Storm Sally, which has brought some erratic weather to Walt Disney World. That didn’t stop the crowds from coming out in force, nor us from finding you some great new merchandise and a cool reopening. Let’s head in and see what this Sunday has in store.


Upon first entering the park, directional signage abounds letting guests which direction to go to experience their desired lands and attractions.


We opted to head towards Toy Story Land, as many other guests chose to. Lines for both Toy Story Mania and Slinky Dog Dash stretched outside of the land to the entrance of Walt Disney Presents.


The adjacent Voyage of the Little Mermaid had its billboard sign reinstalled on Friday.


We opted to head straight through Toy Story Land to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, where crowds were already assembling to do Batuuian activities such as droid building at Droid Depot.


Before entering the market, we always like to pause for a moment and enjoy all of the detail the land holds.


The land is also home to a plethora of characters, including Chewbacca, Vi, Rey, and Stormtroopers.


Vi Moradi would be the star of today’s show, making several appearances during our visits to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.


Batuu isn’t the only spot in the park with an abundance of characters, though. Miss Piggy can often — well, nearly always — be found out front of Muppet Vision 3D.


Outside of the entrance to the nearby Star Tours, you can often catch Character Cavalcades rolling by with some of your favorite movie heroes.


Naturally, the Pixar cavalcade has animated stars such as Woody and Buzz Lightyear, as well as the Green Army Men — all of Toy Story fame.


Disney Junior Dance Party stars can also be seen, including Fancy Nancy, Doc McStuffins, and Vampirina.


Heading back into Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, we were starting to sense a disturbance in the force. By early afternoon, Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance had reached only boarding group 13, and had only just returned from its second downtime of the day.


At Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith, the attraction was faring only slightly better than Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance. While it has proven far more reliable than its Star Wars peer, it also experienced downtime today.


As a result of Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster being down, the line for The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror stretched down Sunset Boulevard.


At the Hollywood Tower Hotel, though, things were looking up as we found this new jacket at Tower Hotel Gifts. The hood lining brought us a good amount of joy, as it felt like a fitting tribute to the attraction.


Not to be outdone, Legends of Hollywood debuted this new Loungefly park icon neon mini backpack, bringing an immense dose of bright neon to the park on an overcast day.


Speaking of neon, the reinstalled neon of the Legends of Hollywood marquee (sans a couple of ‘L’s in “Hollywood”) is looking pretty good, and we’re pleased to see it return.


In the heart of the park, the breezy conditions as a result of the lingering effects of Tropical Storm Sally allows for some pictures with the balloons throughout the day, hence the difference in crowds in different photos.


Looking the other direction on Hollywood Boulevard, Mickey & Friends graced us with their presence, adding to our character tally for the day.


At The Darkroom, also on Hollywood Boulevard, this new The Nightmare Before Christmas “The Scientific Method” notebook showed up, for all of your scheming needs.


Heading back into Toy Story Land, Slinky Dog Dash had experienced technical issues similar to Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance and Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster. Empty trains were being cycled before allowing guests back onto the ride.


One of the Green Army Men in the exit of Toy Story Mania wasn’t stressing it, though.


Problems continued on Batuu, as Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance was still experiencing issues, and a third downtime during the first 3 hours of operation. As a result, no announcement for the 2pm distribution of boarding groups was made. The distribution lasted for a matter of a few seconds, and those who obtained boarding groups would be unlikely to actually ride the attraction.


In Hollywood, long lines stretching down Sunset Boulevard were a result of large crowds rather than significant downtime — well, not a result of downtime of those attractions, at least.


Rounding out on a sweeter note, though, Hollywood Scoops made its return to service today, providing some nice frozen treats to guests at Disney’s Hollywood studios.


As we prepared to make our exit, the view of the S.S. Down the Hatch, the Hollywood Tower Hotel, and the ominous skies made it clear that it was time to call it a day.

Thank you for joining us in our adventures through Hollywood, Andy’s backyard, and Batuu. Remember to check back with throughout the day for all of the latest stories from Walt Disney world and beyond.

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