PHOTOS: Landscaping Added Around Space 220 Site at EPCOT

It’s been difficult to track the progress on Space 220, the new space-themed restaurant opening between Mission: SPACE and Test Track. The restaurant was supposed to open in April of this year, but has been delayed due to the COVID-19 closure. Last month, we saw some progress at the construction site with lights and landscaping being added. Now even more trees have been planted around the future restaurant.


Though the trees now block most of the view of the backstage construction, you can see some of the white space-styled lampposts that were installed previously.


The trees are likely supposed to block the restaurant from view to create a more immersive experience for guests inside. The restaurant is described as a “celestial panorama of a space station” where guests view Earth from 220 miles in the air.


Space 220 is supposed to open this winter, according to the Walt Disney World website. Are you excited for this new restaurant? Let us know in the comments.