Space 220 concept art 1/8/20

Space 220 Restaurant Now Slated to Open in April at EPCOT

With Space 220 Restaurant already looking to hire a General Manager––a Captain, if you will––it seems more details are being finalized for the upcoming restaurant, which is set to debut adjacent to Mission: SPACE at EPCOT. Everything from cutlery to a final, updated opening month is being established for the upcoming restaurant.

In an article posted by Total Food Service, the procurement team at Patina Restaurant Group talked about the power of story with any restaurant concept, even when it comes to cutlery. Patina Restaurant Group, who owns more than 10 restaurants across Disney’s properties in the United States, including “The Edison,” and “Via Napoli,” among others, went over their choice of cutlery for their upcoming Space 220 restaurant in EPCOT.

The procurement team chose the “Tilia” pattern which they thought, would launch their new space-themed restaurant, off the ground:

“Tilia by Studio William really caught our eye due to its elongated shape. The line was extremely modern and had a space-age quality we couldn’t resist,” says Jaclyn Lerner, Art & Style Director for PRG.”

For those that are bored by details, there was a tiny bit of a hint of an opening date for the Space 220 restaurant hidden in the article. Total Food Service, when talking about the upcoming restaurant did mention a planned opening in April 2020:

“Next month, Patina Restaurant Group (PRG) is set to launch into space with the opening of Space 220 inside EPCOT Center.”

We are excited to be launched into space with the opening of Space 220, and although we have not gotten a confirmed opening date year, we are all about picking up breadcrumbs along the way.

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  1. Nice they have a maybe date, FINALLY. Wish they’d have made an earlier one though. Been at WDW all week, won’t be back until at least Feb 2021 to experience the restaurant. 😕

  2. If The Jetsons taught me anything it was that the future would be food pills. No need for utensils.

  3. This is ridiculous – They have said Winter 2020 and now it says Opening Soon on the website less than two weeks before the end of winter. I will be there the first week in Spring and again Disney has let me down. How hard can it be to get a date on this thing! Its been pushed back how many times and I thought for sure they would not make a change less than 2 weeks than what was advertised!

  4. FYI, the source article has the open date updated from “next month” to “this year”.

  5. Excited to try this place. Any word on if the team is training now since it’s opening next month?

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