PHOTO REPORT: Disney’s Hollywood Studios 9/4/20 (Pre-Holiday Weekend Crowds, New Concession Stand, New Dress Shop Dress, and More!)

Howdy there, Partner! Even record heat index temperatures for the year couldn’t keep us away from the parks today, we were determined to have some fun! It was a quiet day at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, with most of the excitement happing at the Magic Kingdom today (What’s that? The Madame Leota sipper appeared early?) but we still had some fun of our own. Let’s get started!


While recently the crowd levels during the weekdays have been relatively low, with guests arriving early for the holiday weekend, we noticed an uptick in attendance today. Maintaining social distance was harder to do, and some guests forgot altogether. Luckily, a Cast Member was never far behind, helping remind those guests of the new rules since they last visited Walt Disney World.


The Guinevere popcorn bucket, which we found here recently, finally has a snazzy new sign at the popcorn booth displaying an image of the characters from the film, and the buckets price. We think this might be one of our favorite popcorn buckets.


The side entrance to Legends of Hollywood now has scrim fabric covering the entire sign, whereas a few days ago, the front portion was still uncovered, leaving the name of the store visible. Though you may not be able to tell from the photo, we could see the Legends of Hollywood sign still in place under the scrim fabric. We’ll be keeping a close eye on this project.


At the front of Legends of Hollywood, we noticed this sign was out proclaiming the arrival of “New Park Exclusives” at Pandora Jewelry, which occupies the first room inside Legends of Hollywood. Once inside, we found out that this sign is in fact not to be believed. While this location does have many park exclusives available, including the charms for the EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival (which are currently on sale), they do not have any new items, as their shipments were delayed by the parks temporary closure and have not been able to resume their regular schedule.


A new concession stand has popped up next to the Hollywood Arch, after the recent removal of the nearby stand down the path near the “Voyage of the Little Mermaid” queue. We saw earlier this week, after the other concession stand had been cleared away, that the ice cream cooler had been moved to this new location and plugged in, but nothing else had been moved here and it wasn’t open. Today, all the other carts were present and it was open all day, ready to serve guests ice cream and beverages.


A long-standing refurbishment project seems to near completion as the box that surrounded this area has been removed and simple crowd barriers have taken its place. New concrete work seems to have been done surrounding this in-ground electrical box.


We found a couple of older, previously sold out Wishables at Once Upon A Time, including this ice cream cone from the Parks Food Series One. Here’s one ice cream cone that won’t melt in Florida!


We found several fun new pieces of merchandise today, including this reversible sequin ladies top in candy corn colors. One side shows the classic orange, yellow, and white, and the other shows gold, black, and silver.


We also found this festive Oogie Boogie nutcracker, making this item a true multi-season favorite. Use him to decorate during Halloween, and to crack nuts during Christmas.


The crown jewel in our day was this amazing dress from the Dress Shop. The skirt has layers of fabric laser cut to look like paper picado, or paper banners, which are featured in the film Coco, which this dress honors. This dress was truly something to see!


We popped into Droid Depot and found that the silver “Spira” was still available if you’re looking for a unique gift card to use around the parks. They were a popular item, so don’t wait if you are considering one.


We rode Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance and are happy to report that we did not experience any technical difficulties, even R5 was working! The last time we rode, his lights weren’t on, but today he was back to normal and working just fine.


The attraction itself seemed to be running smoothly today, as it experienced no downtime this morning and ran well, steadily calling boarding groups through midday.


On our way out, we popped into Trolley Car Cafe to get a coffee for the road, and found this new Carrot Cake Cookie in the cold case. While we were hoping to find a Halloween treat or two, we are very happy with Carrot Cake!


We had a great time today at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and we hope you enjoyed coming along with us. Have a magical day!

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  1. Funny we have had the exact opposite issue. People are running into us, not wearing masks, & not maintaining distancing & cast members aren’t saying as word about it. It made me pretty sad and upset yesterday :(

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