PHOTOS: Adorable New “Pink Pop Paradise” Candies Now Available at Tokyo Disney Resort

When Japanese Guests travel, one of the traditional customs is to bring back omiyage, or a gift to family or friends in lieu of their absence, usually in the form of small treats. Many attractions get creative with their package designs, and Tokyo Disney Resort, king of adorable and wacky merchandise, is no exception! The latest addition to this? A metal container featuring vanilla and chocolate hard candies with some adorable packaging! This is just the latest addition in the perennial “Pink Pop Paradise” series seen at Tokyo Disneyland, and is now available across the resort!

Pink Pop Paradise Hard Candies – ¥1500 ($14.13)


The candies come in this simply adorable metal and plastic package. The top looks like some delicious Mickey-esque soft serve, complete with cookie ears! The metal bottom features art of Mickey and Minnie in their Pink Pop Paradise outfits along with ice cream scoop and bubble designs.


Of course, you might also be interested in the hard candies within. There are 14 pieces per container—seven vanilla and seven chocolate. The chocolate-flavors come in Mickey wrappers, and the vanillas come in Minnie wrappers.

These Pink Pop Paradise candies are available at omiyage shops across Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea, as well as at Bon Voyage. These don’t appear to be limited run, so you should be able to find them on your next visit to Tokyo Disney Resort, whenever that may be.

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