PHOTOS: New Tie Dye Haunted Mansion T-shirt and Madame Leota Ornament Arrive at Walt Disney World

Grim grinning ghosts are not the only things that materialize near The Haunted Mansion. A new tie dye T-shirt and a new Madame Leota ornament are the latest Haunted Mansion products to appear at Memento Mori. Located just outside the attraction’s queue, the store specializes in unique Haunted Mansion merchandise.

Haunted Mansion Tie Dye T-shirt – $36.99

The purple tie dye unisex T-shirt is adorned with The Haunted Mansion facade, type logo, and a swarm of bats.


A closer look at the design shows bats printed in black, white, and gold.


The back is blank, focusing on the tie dye.


Haunted Mansion Madame Leota Light-Up Ornament – $24.99

This ornament features the iconic Madame Leota’s head encased within a floating crystal ball. Well, minus the floating. The “crystal ball” is set atop a small pedestal. Madame Leota’s head glares ominously at you, making this a perfect Halloween decoration.


Though the blue ornaments have already been offered in the past, a new off-colored, yellow one has been added to the collection.


The ornament lights up, making Madame Leota even spookier.


Do you need more Haunted Mansion merchandise? Even if you have 999 souvenirs, there’s room for 1,000. Add your thoughts using the comment feature.

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2 months ago

I love the T shirt! Do you think they will make one with the WDW Haunted Mansion?