REVIEW: Croissants, Hunter’s Pie, a Different Kind of LeFou’s Brew, and MORE Delicious Food at the NEW La Taverne de Gaston at Tokyo Disneyland

Spencer Lloyd

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REVIEW: Croissants, Hunter’s Pie, a Different Kind of LeFou’s Brew, and MORE Delicious Food at the NEW La Taverne de Gaston at Tokyo Disneyland

Spencer Lloyd

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REVIEW: Croissants, Hunter’s Pie, a Different Kind of LeFou’s Brew, and MORE Delicious Food at the NEW La Taverne de Gaston at Tokyo Disneyland

With the grand opening of Tokyo Disneyland’s New Fantasyland expansion today came a brand new counter-service restaurant in the Belle’s Village area! We already took a tour through La Taverne de Gaston thanks to some beautifuil press images, now we were able to savor the actual food!


All food items come in these cool themed wrappers! Gaston even covers his food wrappers in antlers, go figure.

Big Bite Croissant – ¥750


The first entree option is the Big Bite Croissant, which is the Sausage with Bone snack from Tokyo DisneySea wrapped in a croissant. Be careful not to bite into the bone.


I’ve always been enjoyed the sausage on bone, despite its rather simple nature. The only issue is that it doesn’t have any spices or extra touches. The croissant that surrounds it is fresh and crispy, with a nice buttery flavor as well. The only flaw is that it’s extra crumbly, so you’ll need a few napkins or to keep it in the wrapper.

Hunter’s Pie – ¥750


This one is actually a pretty great on-the-go snack as well! Plus there’s a cool antler pattern on top of the pie for that extra touch of detail. They really went all-in with the antlers for La Taverne de Gaston.


Inside the pie is a beef filling. Like the Big Bite Croissant, the exterior is a crisp, fresh croissant that gets messy really quickly, so best you keep it confined to the wrappings or keep a stack of napkins nearby. It’s quite easy to bite in to and chow down while you walk through Belle’s Village! The only downside is that the meat stew sauce is somewhat bland. I’d still take this over the Big Bite Croissant, personally.

French Toast Sandwich – ¥750


The final entree on the Gaston’s menu is the French Toast Sandwich, which is probably my new favorite food at Tokyo Disneyland. Unlike the Hunter’s Pie, there’s no special antler details here, and no croissant bread this time either. But it’s certainly a larger portion compared to the other two, and thus a much better value for the same price.


The bread is coated with sugar and pan fried to embed the sugars into the bread, and right between is a gooey layer of melted cheese. Because of the sugars, the bread tastes exactly like French Toast does, to the point where I think this sandwich could be made even better with some maple syrup! And that gooey, melty cheese in the middle adds a lovely savory taste to this incredible sandwich. It all comes together in such a perfect way, and I highly recommend the French Toast Sandwich to anyone and everyone who visits Tokyo Disneyland! This is easily my favorite counter service item at the park.

Sweet Gaston – ¥450


Tokyo Disney Resort sure loves its pudding-gelatin combinations, as demonstrated by every single seasonal event dessert. Sadly this one didn’t come in a special cup, but it does have a Gaston color scheme and a neat shortbread cookie on top! In keeping with Gaston’s color scheme, there’s mango mousse on top for Gaston’s collor and gloves, and a strawberry gelatin on the bottom for his shirt.

The mango layer on top has a very potent and sweet flavor, along with a fairly rich consistency compared to most of their fluffier puddings. On the bottom, the strawberry gelatin is a bit less sweet than usual as well, with a flavor closer to a packet of strawberry Jell-O. But the real surprise is that combining the two layers produces a balanced sweet-tangy flavor! Neither mango nor strawberry overpowers the other, making this a sweet and interesting treat that you should really consider on your next visit to Tokyo Disneyland.

Berry Cheer – ¥450


We may not have LeFou’s Brew here at Tokyo Disneyland, but we got our own very, very sweet special drink. The Berry Cheer is essentially a mixed berry soda with a whipped cream foam on top. The mixed berry flavor strikes a far better balance than the overly sweet mixed berry tapioca drink from last Christmas, with a far more natural flavor. The fact they’re also finally moving away from tapioca is a welcome change indeed. Sadly the foam on top of the drink is flavorless. But definitely give this a try when you visit La Taverne de Gaston!

Souvenir Lunch Case – +¥1100


The souvenir lunch case around the park is themed to the brand new The Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast E-Ticket attraction! The ornate design features the attraction logo above Belle and the Beast dancing and surrounded by columns of roses. It’s a lovely design seen on much of the merchandise for the attraction.


The back features small boxes with character art and the character’s first initial.


And the interior has padding witb a number of floral designs to keep your food cool or hot while also being stylish!

You can try all of these items at the brand-new La Taverne de Gaston within New Fantasyland at Tokyo Disneyland! Currently, priority seating is required to dine, which can be made only through the wildly unstable Tokyo Disney Resort Reservations website, so it takes a bit of luck to get in. Once you do, though, you won’t be disappointed! What was your favorite new item? Anything look particularly scrumptious to you? Let us know in the comments below or on social media!