PHOTOS: Take a FIRST LOOK Inside La Taverne de Gaston and LeFou’s at Tokyo Disneyland

The New Fantasyland expansion at Tokyo Disneyland is opening on September 28th, and the Oriental Land Company has released images of the new La Taverne de Gaston restaurant, as well as the adjacent LeFou’s churro stand. While it’s very similar to its counterpart at the Magic Kingdom, there’s a few differences to keep your eyes out for. So let’s take a look inside, for the very first time!

La Taverne de Gaston



The exterior of the shop is largely the same as at the Magic Kingdom, complete with the funny Gaston fountain.


Of course, the name is different.


As we pointed out in our tour of the expansion earlier this week, there’s a small art piece off to the side of the restaurant featuring the handsome hunter himself.


The area is stunning even at night as well!

Cast Costumes


There’s two variations on the Cast Member costumes for La Taverne de Gaston, likely dependent on station and season.

Register Area


The register area features a digital menu along with cash registers that look like barrels. There are six registers to process Guests quickly.

Dining Area


The rustic interior features wood from top to bottom. One of the fireplaces even features a target from Gaston’s aim practice.


A number of tables also feature chess and backgammon boards.


Gaston’s portrait along with furry chair and a number of barrels ornate the area around the fireplace. And of course, antlers galore!

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The walls are also covered in some of Gaston’s many trophies.


There’s also a terrace outside for Guests to enjoy the view and sounds of Belle’s Village.


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As we’ve previously shown off, there’s a number of hearty items available here for Guests.

Big Bite Croissant Set – ¥1140 ($10.89) | Croissant: ¥740 ($7.07)

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French Toast & Cheese Sandwich Set – ¥1140 ($10.89) | Sandwich: ¥740 ($7.07)

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Hunter’s Pie Set – ¥1140 ($10.89) | Sandwich: ¥740 ($7.07)

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All sets include French fries and a choice of soft drink.

Berry Cheer – ¥450 ($4.30)

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Sweet Gaston – ¥450 ($4.30)

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This sweet treat features strawberry jelly on the bottom, mango mousse in the middle, and a tangy raspberry sauce on top with a Gaston-print cookie.

Lunch Case – +¥1100 ($10.51)

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Adjacent to La Taverne de Gaston is LeFou’s. There’s only one thing on the menu here—an Apple Caramel Churro for ¥400 ($3.67)

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All of these will open and be available starting September 28th at Tokyo Disneyland. Be sure to stay tuned to WDWNT for the full review on all of these items! Which one looks like your favorite? Let us know in the comments below or on social media!

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