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REVIEW: Special Skellington Sandwich and Strawberry Souvenir Dessert Cup at Sweetheart Cafe for “Disney Christmas 2019” at Tokyo Disneyland

Ho ho ho! Merry Disney Christmas, everyone! It’s the holiday season at Tokyo Disney Resort, and that means a new slate of food to devour and review for you all! So, let’s take a closer look at the tasty treats to celebrate the season this year!

For Halloween, we saw one of the most disappointing entrees of the season at Sweetheart Cafe. And it doesn’t look like that trend is headed anywhere soon, with a slightly less bad sandwich coming to Sweetheart for the holidays. Maybe Jack Skellington has some bad luck with cooking? Neither Skellington sandwich has turned out particularly well.

Special Set (Chicken & Egg Salad Sandwich) – ¥1070

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The full set comes with the sandwich, grape jelly, and a drink. But seeing as we reviewed the grape jelly in our Halloween review, I passed on it this time around.

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Like the Halloween version, the sandwich comes in this cute Haunted Mansion: Holiday Nightmare wrapper. This time, however, Jack is smiling happily rather than evilly.

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A look inside reveals a copious amount of lettuce and the chicken. The egg layer did not want to separate from its bread below, unfortunately. The chicken doesn’t really appear to be evenly distributed across the sandwich, which can be a pain depending on which end you start eating at.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t get much better with taste. Chicken with a tangy sauce and egg salad are not really meant to be together. Especially when its a cold sandwich. Not that I’d really want a hot egg sandwich either, but the cold chicken with tangy sauce definitely does not need to be cold. And the excessive lettuce and inequal distribution can make getting an actual taste profile difficult. It’s not as bad as the Halloween sandwich, but it certainly shouldn’t be your first choice at Tokyo Disneyland.

Strawberry Dessert & Souvenir Cup – ¥800

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The other reason I skipped the grape jelly was to get the special holiday dessert in the souvenir cup! This year’s holiday cup features Mickey and the Disney friends on their sleigh, distributing presents across the rest of the mug. Maybe Mickey is taking over from Santa for the night? The dessert itself is essentially a strawberry shortcake. Shortcake that isn’t soggy, thank goodness! The sweetness is present without being overwhelming, the presentation is excellent, and the cup is just the cutest! I think there’s no question in saying that the souvenir cup is something you should pick up! It’s very fruity, but not as sickeningly fruity as the Sparkling Mixed Berry Tapioca Drink over at Captain Hook’s Galley. Come pick up the Skellington sandwich and/r souvenir dessert (preferably the latter) through December 25th!

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