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REVIEW: Hungry Bear Special Set Satisfies a Mighty Holiday Appetite for “Disney Christmas 2019” at Tokyo Disneyland

Ho ho ho! Merry Disney Christmas, everyone! It’s the holiday season at Tokyo Disney Resort, and that means a new slate of food to devour and review for you all! So, let’s take a closer look at the tasty treats to celebrate the season this year!

Hungry Bear Restaurant is one of the most popular restaurants at Tokyo Disneyland, and for good reason. Their curry is usually excellent, and the portion size to price ratio leaves you full for a relatively decent price! For the holidays this year, Hungry Bear is reviving last year’s special set, likely due to the popularity it saw last year! And the weird part is… it’s not even curry! So what is it? Well, let’s taste for ourselves.

Meat Patty, Egg, & Beef in Demi-Glace Sauce – ¥1150 ($10.55)

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Hungry Bear has one of the more interesting menus at the park, as not only can you order different levels of spicy but also different curry sizes! I was feeling less hungry than a normal bear (and had other food to review), so I opted for the regular size. I also picked up an extra-cute souvenir item, which I’ll show off in just a bit!

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The first thing that’s different is that the sauce here isn’t curry like other Hungry Bear dishes. Instead, it’s a giant reservoir of demi-glace sauce! Perfect for the meat patty, and mixes pretty well with the rice and eggs! The eggs do have a minor problem in that the top layer of rice gets rather soggy because of them, but it doesn’t trickle down through the entire portion. I’ve never actually had demi-glace sauce and egg, and the combination works together pretty well in a way I can’t quite put in to words. The meat patty was perfectly cooked, not rubbery or raw at all! And between all of the rice, the meat, and the scrambled eggs, you’ll be full in no time (and for the rest of the day, more than likely) thanks to this generous helping!

Cranberry Tea Cake & Souvenir Plate – ¥800

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At select Tokyo Disneyland counter-service restaurants, you can also order this Cranberry Tea Cake for dessert, and it comes with this adorable mini-plate that you get to take home! Besides being a bit of a small size, the cake itself is pretty good. It’s drier than you’d want it to be, but not overly. And despite its dryness, it doesn’t crumble and fall apart easily. Plus if you get some cranberries in your helping, you’ll have a delicious, tangy kick to the simple tea flavor. I’d say that no matter the taste, however, the plate makes it all worth it!

Overall, the Hungry Bear set is about the best deal you can get if you want to be filled to the brim for your meal! You just might have to contend with a bit of a line. And while you’re there, pick up the Cranberry Tea Cake & Souvenir Plate combo. You’ll be glad you did! Just make it out before December 25th!

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