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REVIEW: New Vanilla Mousse Cake is Sandy Claws Approved for “Disney Christmas 2019” at Plaza Pavilion in Tokyo Disneyland

Ho ho ho! Merry Disney Christmas, everyone! It’s the holiday season at Tokyo Disney Resort, and that means a new slate of food to devour and review for you all! So, let’s take a closer look at the tasty treats to celebrate the season this year!

The Plaza Pavilion is consistently one of Tokyo Disneyland’s best counter service establishments. Their special sets are almost always home runs, and the Disney Halloween set was no exception. Since it’s themed around Jack Skellington and The Haunted Mansion: Holiday Nightmare, it seems logical that it would continue through Disney Christmas. And as it happens, everything except the Halloween dessert has returned for the holidays! So how does the dessert hold up? Well, we trekked out to the Plaza Pavilion to try for ourselves!

Vanilla Mousse Cake – ¥420 ($3.85)

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Typically this comes as part of the Special Set. But since we reviewed most of the Special Set back in September, we only went for the new cake. You can read our review of the rest of the set here.

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Right off the bat, I’m loving the presentation here. The chocolate bow is a nice little touch, and the red sauce below the mousse looks like even more “wrappings”. Sure gets you in the holiday spirit! When you actually try to cut in to the mousse, beware that the green shell comes apart from the cake rather easily. It can be hard to get both in the same helping! The mousse itself is a rather plain vanilla, but the very center is a big strawberry jam core. If you need to flavor the rest of your cake, dip it in the provided berry sauce garnish. It really helps enhance the flavor, as most berry things do! For being so small, the cake is rather rich, and would make an excellent finisher to the spectacular Special Set its bundled with.

The Vanilla Mousse Cake is available with the Special Set at Tokyo Disneyland’s Plaza Pavilion through December 25th! We loved this set during Halloween, and we love it now!

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