PHOTOS, VIDEO: Every New “Disney Christmas 2019” Merchandise Item at Tokyo DisneySea

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It’s Christmas time! Our favorite time of year here at WDWNT (or so I hope, at least). It’s definitely mine! And how do we know that it’s Christmas? Well for one, Disney Christmas has started over at Tokyo DisneySea, and the central holiday show is even called “It’s Christmas Time!”. So that might be a bit of a hint. The show celebrates the season with a grand revue along and around Mediterranean Harbor, and is the central focus of this year’s merchandise line. So let’s check out all of the merchandise available for Disney Christmas 2019! You can watch our tour video below, or keep reading to see pictures and price points!

Disney Christmas 2019 Merchandise – Tokyo DisneySea

Full-Size Stuffed Mickey or Minnie – ¥5100 ($46.64)

Stuffed Badges – ¥1900 ($17.38)

Stuffed Chip & Dale Badges – ¥2900 ($26.53)

Light-Up Keychain – ¥1300 ($11.89)

Straps – ¥1800 ($16.46)

Magnet – ¥750 ($6.86)

Can Badge – ¥310 ($2.84)

Tomica Car (Big City Vehicles) – ¥1200 ($10.98)

Toy Bell – ¥2300 ($21.04)

Mug – ¥1600 ($14.63)

Shot Glass – ¥600 ($5.49)

Tumbler Set – ¥4200 ($38.42)

Picture Frame – ¥2800 ($25.61)

Pen Set – ¥1600 ($14.64)

Multicolor Pen – ¥1400 ($12.81)

Folder Set – ¥500 ($4.57)

Notebook – ¥1200 ($10.98)

Postcard – ¥200 ($1.83)

Decorative Tape – ¥1000 ($9.15)

Pouch – ¥2000 ($18.30)

Drawstring Bag – ¥820 ($7.50)

Bath Towel – ¥3400 ($31.10)

Washcloth – ¥700 ($6.40)

Face Towel – ¥1400 ($12.80)

Hand Lotion Set – ¥1800 ($16.46)

Eyeshadow – ¥1200 ($10.98)

And that’s the Disney Christmas 2019 merchandise at Tokyo DisneySea! If you want to get your hands on this, unfortunately you’ll have to come out to Tokyo DisneySea for yourself! But until then, I hope you have a happy holiday season!

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