PHOTOS: “Ratatouille” Sign Updated Once Again at France Pavilion Expansion Entrance Archway in EPCOT

After being removed and replaced with a second version less than a month ago, a third version of the “Ratatouille” sign has now appeared in the France Pavilion expansion archway at EPCOT.

old version of ratatouille sign epcot

For reference, here is what the first sign looked like.

Here is the second sign. It no longer had the weathering along the edges.


And here is the newest version. It’s unclear if this is a brand-new sign, or if they repainted or refinished the second one. It may also be that some of the lights embedded into the sign are now being tested.


The new sign has an almost stained glass look, with a faint glimmer of green. Given how it shines even in overcast light, once the full set of backlights are turned on, it’s sure to look stunning.


It seems like the sign is made of two layers, with a lower layer that has the green coloring and a second beige layer that has the letters cut out for the light to shine through.


The France expansion featuring Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure will hopefully be opening later this year, if not early next year. Check out our latest post about construction on the project.

Are you excited for the new Ratatouille-themed area and attraction? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. ”Are you excited about the new Ratatouille-themed area and attraction?”

    Heck yes! And yes again. Disney has ignored the World Showcase for way too long when it comes to the potential for new attractions (something that you ride that has quintessential Disney charm). From the ground-up, this seems to be the first ride in World Showcase introduced since Maelstrom was built in like 1987? (Frozen simply took its spot.). Thank goodness that we get another draw to one of the pavilions and they didn’t take something away or eliminate a good attraction for it to happen. Disappointed to hear that Mary Poppins has been delayed, but always happy to hear that something new is coming to World Showcase.

    With more and more DVC/timeshare owners and annual passholders frequenting the parks through the last ten years, Disney needs to step up theIr game with introducing some attractions and looking at new merchandise opportunities in these pavilions. Otherwise, you go year after year and it’s the same stuff.

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