PHOTOS: Scare Up Some Fun with New Disney Villains Apparel from Walt Disney World

It’s almost Halloween and that means looking your spookiest. Mix in some flair with your scare this season with this new Disney Villains apparel featuring Ursula, Maleficent, and more! We found these new items at World of Disney in Disney Springs. Let’s take a look!

Ursula Long Sleeve Shirt — $39.99


Ursula appears on this shirt in a whirlpool of evil, and where Ursula goes, Flotsam and Jetsam cannot be far behind. Her eel sidekicks can be seen in silhouette on either side of her in the distance. This shirt feels like a comfy old pullover sweater, but looks like a long-sleeved shirt. Make it your own, just don’t trade your voice for one.


Maleficent Tank Top — $34.99


This terrifying tank top fades from light purple on top to almost black on the bottom. Maleficent, from “Sleeping Beauty,” graces the front in both her human form and her dragon form, seen below on either side. Her collar says “Pure Evil,” which is an apt description of her. Her velvety horns invite readers to “Fall Under My Spell.” And the fire behind her states “Not all fairies are good” on one side and “Evil thoughts, wicked plans” on the other.


Her inner collar says “Devious” and “Vicious,” while her eyebrows say “Wicked” and “Sinister.” Diablo the raven flies over the fires erupting from his master. There is a lot going on in this tank top, and we love all of it.


Disney Villains Leggings — $39.99


Complete your Disney Villains outfit with these sleek new leggings. These 7/8 ankle cut leggings feature a collection of the best of the worst from the knee down. Hades,
Dr. Facilier, Ursula, and The Evil Queen can be found in the large diamond shapes. Other Villains have lent items to the smaller diamonds, like Maleficent’s briars, spinning wheel, horns, and dragon head, just to name a few. These stretchy leggings can scare up a good time wherever you go.

Disney Villains Apparel at WoD_09

Are you going to pick up some new Disney Villains apparel next time you’re at Disney Springs? Let us know in the comments below.

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