PHOTOS: Tomorrowland Improvements and The Happy Ride with Baymax Now Open at Tokyo Disneyland

The Tokyo Disneyland expansion was mostly about New Fantasyland, but we can’t forget Tomorrowland and the improvements made there as well. After all, there’s a whole new ride, a popcorn shop, and some new decor! Let’s take a closer look.


Upon crossing the border from Fantasyland to Tomorrowland, there’s now a sign which used to sit across from Pooh’s Hunny Hunt along the parade route.


Stargazer Supplies, a merch cart likely to sell Baymax-themed items, sits along the path in to the original Tomorrowland and adjacent to The Happy Ride with Baymax.


There’s also a cool atom sculpture that we’ve shown off a few times as it has appeared.


The sign for The Happy Ride with Baymax is finally out in the open, featuring a statue of everyone’s favorite healthcare companion waving to Guests!


Baymax also is the driver of every Happy Ride vehicle as he attempts to bring Guests’ joy levels up! You can watch all six variations of this attraction and its songs and light shows on our YouTube channel!


The ride cars are themed to Hiro’s superhero outfit from Big Hero 6, featuring a purple body with red flaps and accents.


It’s a really colorful and fun sight to see, and the catchy songs are definitely not to be missed! And don’t miss our YouTube video for all six versions of this wacky, happy attraction!

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Since the park is using an Entry Request system, the standby sign is off, and the FastPass sign is covered up.


The height indicator has different colored balls, which reminds me more of Inside Out than Big Hero 6.


Fortunately there’s not a lot of requirements to ride this attraction!


Over at The Big Pop, which will sell three unique flavors of popcorn as well as two cool popcorn buckets, the windows are still papered over ahead of its September 28th opening.


The digital sign next to the entrance is also still off. No word on what this will indicate yet.

The Tomorrowland area has certainly brightened the landscape of the otherwise very old-fashioned area of Tokyo Disneyland, and we look forward to The Big Pop being open for Guests, as well as riding The Happy Ride with Baymax! What are your thoughts on this area of the expansion? Let us know in the comments below or on social media!

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