BREAKING: California Announces Theme Park Reopening Plans, Disneyland Can Reopen in Yellow Tier at 25% Capacity

During today’s COVID-19 briefing, California Health and Human Services Secretary, Dr. Mark Ghaly, finally gave an update on long-awaited theme park reopening guidances.


Dr. Ghaly spoke on the visits made to currently-open theme parks, like Walt Disney World, remarking on higher-risk and lower-risk settings that were analyzed by their team:


The theme park industry has been separated into two parts—larger and smaller theme parks, based off of each park’s capacity. Here are the new guidances for theme parks:


You can read full industry guidelines for theme parks here. This guidance includes additional considerations for:

  • Admission, entry, and security
  • All rides and attractions
  • Dining and concessions
  • Performances, interactive exhibits, and events
  • Uniform, costume, and wardrobe protocols

As predicted, all guests must participate in a reservation system to make contact tracing easier. Face masks will be mandatory unless actively eating or drinking while socially distanced.

During last week’s update, Dr. Ghaly reiterated that Orange County, which includes Anaheim and the Disneyland Resort, was still under a Red “Substantial” tier code. We’ll continue to update you on the new tiers, but it seems that Disneyland may not be able to open until 2021 based off of these guidelines.

You can view today’s full press conference and COVID-19 update below:

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  1. Not good news for Disneyland under these guidelines. Yellow tier is impossible to achieve in large populated counties.

  2. California will not survive this draconian “stubbornness”. It’s outrageous. Even as “cases” may be rising, death rates have been plummeting since May. This ridiculous counting of cases (any test run regardless of outcome is counted as a “new case”) is going to keep California on a nonfunctional level for what could be years. At some point Americans are going to have to stop cloaking themselves in the unnecessary hysteria, accept that lock downs and mask wear has slowed NOTHING. We need to live our lives, try to rebuild our economy or the results long term will be catastrophic world wide. People will starve to death. Literally. We have to stop this.

    1. Where did you read that any test counts as a case? Orange county CA has a 3.2% positivity rate, which means only 3.2% of test is a “new case.”

    2. Look at you, DR INTERNET is in the house! I bet you’re the same person who reads stories on The Onion and takes them at face value.

    3. You’re an idiot. Wearing a mask is saving lives. Look at what China or New Zealand did. Do you want to get back to normal? Follow the science and we’ll all be better for it. Sooner rather then later. Once you have some one die from Covid you’ll take it serious.

  3. This is so dumb.Gruesome Newsom needs to be recalled and California opened up. Poor disney and its employees.

  4. At this point I can only hope that Disney management will rake a hard look at that ‘priority list’ and reprioritize the 50th anniversary of Magic Kingdom. To keep spending money on Avengers campus and Runaway Railway and blow off the 50th when California *clearly* does not want to work with Disney is the straight up definition of insanity.

  5. Disney should open anyway. What is California going to do, threaten their 4th largest employer? More lay-offs = more pressure on political bureaucrats. Nice try. Trump 2020!

  6. I mean they’re right, I wouldn’t want to be in a crowded theme park during a pandemic. It’s risky.

  7. Yellow tier!?! OC won’t be in the yellow tier in the foreseeable future. Certainly not in the next number of years. Unless Gov. Gruesome changes his ways Disney could be out of business.

  8. I think this is, pure greed and ignorance!!! on Disney and any other theme park!!! To put employees and people at risk all for a profit, is just stupidity!!! Even at 25% it’s still a risk!!!

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