Disneyland May Not Reopen Until 2021, According to Current COVID-19 Tier Requirements

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Disneyland May Not Reopen Until 2021, According to Current COVID-19 Tier Requirements

So now we know—more or less—when Disneyland could open, but what is the actual timeline for the reopening, considering the new guidelines just issued by the State of California? Well, in order to open, we now know larger theme parks can only open at the “Yellow” or Minimal Tier.


During last week’s update, Dr. Ghaly reiterated that Orange County, which includes Anaheim and the Disneyland Resort, was still under a Red “Substantial” tier code.

Currently, Orange County is at a 3.2% positivity rate, but needs a 2% positivity rate or less to reopen under Yellow. Orange County must meet these metrics and stay in that tier for two weeks before transitioning to a lower tier. That means we could not see a potential reopening date for Disneyland until around November, December, or even next year.

Here’s some input from Brady MacDonald from The Orange County Register:

At best, that means major California theme parks won’t reopen until November or December. At worst, reopening dates could be pushed to next year. Which makes setting a reopening date for Disneyland, Universal and other California theme parks difficult if not impossible. Without a firm reopening date, the parks can’t set staffing, training, ride testing and visitor reservation plans.

Disney has yet to make any follow-up announcements with regards to today’s issuing of theme park reopening guidelines—largely because it will depend on how COVID-19 rates progress in the county, something that, for all their political jockeying, is completely out of their control.

You can read full industry guidelines for theme park reopenings here. Stay tuned for further updates as we continue to chronicle the reopening of Disneyland in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.

2 thoughts on “Disneyland May Not Reopen Until 2021, According to Current COVID-19 Tier Requirements”

  1. California will never reopen under those stupid guidelines. I feel sorry for the businesses, and it must suck for people who can’t go out to eat dinner because 3 people OUT OF 100 tested positive. I wouldn’t even be surprised if all these strict lockdowns are politically motivated. Also, the tiers don’t make sense. How can you have less than 1 new case daily AND less than 2% positive tests. The only number less than 1 is 0, and it’s impossible to have 0 new cases AND positive tests.

  2. This is only going to push everyone and everything out of California even more. California is already undergoing a mass exodus because of 20% or more in taxes per paycheck, and criminal rent prices averaging $1300 per 1 bedroom in a not so perfect neighborhood. Additionally PG&E power black outs, and the Fires which are being set, not “naturally occurring”, The pollution from said fires, and especially the exaggerated restrictions imposed by Newsom as he locks the state down and crushes local/small businesses while allowing Mcdonalds, Walmart, and Amazon, to flourish. This is just one more nail in the coffin for California. Who wants to live in the sunshine state when you can’t have fun anymore? You want people to go back to work? Why should people work when there is nothing to work for anymore!? People work so they can earn money to go to Disney Land, the movies, concerts, vacations, and night clubs. We are a work to party species. No party? Then no reason to work. It’s not like money alone is enough of a motivation to keep people working. People don’t want to work just to stack numbers in some arbitrary bank account. We want to pay for our way of life, and LIVE!

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