Anaheim Mayor Issues Statement Regarding Theme Park Reopening Guidelines, Claims Businesses “Will Not Survive”

The Anaheim Mayor has spoken out against the recently-issued theme park reopening guidelines, emphasizing the need for a Tier 3 reopening as opposed to waiting for the required Yellow “Minimal” tier.


Currently, Orange County is at a 3.2% positivity rate, but needs a 2% positivity rate or less to reopen under Yellow, meaning we may not see a potential reopening date for Disneyland or other neighboring theme parks until around November, December, or even next year.

Mayor Sidhu asserts these guidelines “fail working families and small businesses”, claiming that they “will not survive another year of this.”

Yesterday, the Coalition of Resort Labor Unions reached out directly to Governor Gavin Newsom regarding the reopening of Disneyland Resort, stating they also supported reopening under the “Orange” or moderate tier. Orange County, which includes Anaheim and the Disneyland Resort, is still under a Red “Substantial” tier code.

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  1. What significant changes does his county need to make to reach their goal? L.A. County is two tiers (and three times the population) away from his. Perhaps he and his team (along with the resort partners who run the parks in their county) should meet with L.A. County officials and find out what is working (and then implement some changes). Clearly what his county is doing needs to be changed or improved if it is not improving to meet the requirements. We want the CMs, guests, and especially the communities surrounding the resort to be protected when all the resorts reopen.

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