BREAKING: Disney’s Chief Medical Officer Fires Back at California Government in Official Statement Just Released

Disneyland Resort’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Pamela Hymel has clapped back at Governor Newsom in response to claims earlier that reopening the resort’s theme parks is unsafe, based on science and data. Her full statement on behalf of the Disney Parks, Experiences and Products division can be found below.


When asked about Bob Iger’s sudden leave from the Governor’s Economic Advisory Council, Newsom revealed earlier today that it was due to “disagreements” over reopening guidelines:

There’s disagreements in terms of opening a major theme park. We’re going to let science and data make that determination. I understand the dialectic, the friction that many business leaders have that they want to move forward… but we’re going to be led by a health-first framework and we’re going to be stubborn about it.

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Governor Newsom stated that California in “no hurry” to issue reopening dates or guidelines, stating science will guide any announcements on when and how it will be safe to reopen major theme parks.

Last week, it seemed that theme park reopening guidelines were finally going to be issued, however there was backlash from the theme parks, ultimately leading to a postponement. On Monday, Newsom refused to answer a question regarding Disneyland’s reopening.

  1. Thank you for this update – is anyone aware of a way we can help publicly support Disney and other theme parks to be given the opportunity to reopen?

  2. As a Southern California resident I hope them keep the parks closed through the flu season.

  3. How much do you want to bet that once the election is done Disneyland Resort and others will magically be able to reopen. Its all political, everything is political these days and I hate it.

  4. LOL “Clapped back”. She is right though. Disney parks around the world have opened up successfully why can’t Disneyland? Ugh, I can’t stop watching videos of Fantasmic and it’s making sad that we are in this situation.

  5. Governor Newsom gets no criticism from the newspapers or tv news. We are living in a frightful time when freedom is disappearing. This is not about a virus it is about government seizing power and controlling lives. If you work for the government you have money and freedom. The rest of us must stay locked in our homes.
    How long can one man control 40 million citizens?

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