BREAKING: Tokyo Disney Resort Cancels Annual Passport Extension, Ending Lottery in December, Refunding All Annual Passports

Tokyo Disney Resort is resetting all Annual Passport-related matters to zero after December. In a shock move, the Oriental Land Company has announced that they are cancelling the Annual Passport extension and ending the lottery after December 2020.

When the Tokyo Disney Resort reopened, the Oriental Land Company promised that extensions were coming for all passholders, with details to be released in October. Then that was delayed to November. Now the extension has been cancelled entirely, leaving Annual Passes set to expire up in the coming months.

Additionally, the Annual Passport lottery, which has allowed passholders to enter for up to five visits to the parks per month, will end after December 2020. No more lotteries will be conducted in 2021.

The resort will calculate your refund based on the following equation:
Purchased amount for Annual Passport / (366 days – number of invalid days within the validity period)) x Number of days remaining (validity period of Annual Passport on or after February 29, 2020 – number of blackout days within the validity period on or after February 29, 2020). Guests can check the blackout dates that will be removed from their pass via this PDF file (in Japanese). Guests who renewed their Annual Pass on or after February 1st, 2020 will only be refunded for the number of days remaining before their renewal.

Starting Friday, October 23rd at 9am, the Oriental Land Company will begin accepting requests for refunds for Annual Passports, with an end date to be announced. Guests who apply for a refund lose all rights to apply for the remaining Annual Passport lotteries and subsequent admission to the park if they win.

Guests may request a refund online (check back tomorrow for a link), with a picture of the Guest’s pass and a Japanese bank account to route the refund to. Refunds will be processed within two months of their request.

Guests wishing for a cash refund may visit the Tokyo Disneyland West Ticket Booths or the Tokyo Disney Resort Ticket Center for a refund. Guests may only visit on specific dates depending on their birth month. You can check below to see which dates you can visit for a cash refund through March 2021. Guests wishing to apply for a cash refund must bring a Japanese Government ID along with their Annual Passport.


Further details regarding the future of Annual Passports will be announced before the end of March 2021.

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1 year ago

Wow, that was unexpected! What do you feel is thier motivation for such a drastic move?