New Joe Biden Ad Sheds Light on 28,000 Cast Member Layoffs Across Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort

Charly Shelton


New Joe Biden Ad Sheds Light on 28,000 Cast Member Layoffs Across Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort

Charly Shelton


New Joe Biden Ad Sheds Light on 28,000 Cast Member Layoffs Across Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort

In the wake of the 28,000 layoffs that have been affecting furloughed employees of the domestic Disney Parks, a new ad has been released from the Joe Biden campaign addressing the issue.


A 15-year Cast Member who was recently laid off, identified as “Bessie, Former Server at Disney,” shares her feelings on the separation and how better leadership in Washington during the pandemic could have avoided it.

Seven months ago when we heard about this virus, we didn’t think that it was going to affect our jobs. Then we got the notice that we were going to be closing for two weeks and then next thing you know, we were being furloughed.

Bessie, who lost her job due to the layoffs, is concerned for the welfare of her family and her mother, who she supports as well.

President Trump, I do not believe that he’s done a good job handling the pandemic. I wouldn’t have lost my job, I wouldn’t have been laid off, had he taken all the proper precautions. Trump calls himself the jobs president — what about my job and everybody else that lost their jobs?

Bessie endorses Joe Biden as “someone that’s going to look out for me, for my family, for the American people.”

You can view the full ad on YouTube below.

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28 thoughts on “New Joe Biden Ad Sheds Light on 28,000 Cast Member Layoffs Across Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort”

  1. I hate that they are trying to use Disney politically. Technically the layoffs are due to the governor, not the president.

  2. Please keep politics out of your commentary. I read these blogs and articles for Disney news. I don’t need to read who is endorsing Biden for president. Please don’t cover politics. Keep it politically neutral.

      • Politics affect all of us, whether we like it or not. And this is an inherently political conversation when people lose their jobs over the decisions of politicians.Theme parks are not immune to politics, and there is a definite need for sites like WDWNT to report on theme park news, even if it involves politics.

  3. Okay- this is so ridiculous. It continues to blow my mind that WDW cast members are being laid off since they are open and obviously people want to be there! However, the only people to blame are the execs at Disney. And honestly, if it were up to Joe- the whole country would be shut down so are you still going to blame Trump then? It is a business decision not a govt decision. Bottom line.

  4. Biden will create more job losses by shuttering the economy. Look at California, how are those cast members feeling? Is that Trumps fault? No it’s gov Newsom. Florida has shown WDW can open safely.
    Thank you for sharing ways to help but I disagree with using this platform to endorse Biden.
    —Annual Passholder

  5. I am speaking hear from California. Disneyland has repeatedly tried to convince our DEMOCRATIC governor (Newsom) to reopen our theme parks. Disney has shown that they have taken all the proper precautions in order to keep workers and visitors safe. However, our governor has repeatedly denied them the opportunity to reopen because the “science” doesn’t allow it. Because of our stiff necked governor, that is unwilling to compromise and work with our themeparks, Disney had to make the difficult dicision to let employees go. So…lets look at the bigger picture. Dont always believe what the media tells you on TV or the Internet.

  6. Just for the record, it has been the governors who have decided to close various sectors of the their states’ economies.

  7. One place I didn’t expect to find political messages, even though we all know where Bob Iger stands. What a disappointment!

  8. I’m considering unsubscribing because of this article. First we had to endure politics with sports. Now it’s here? No thanks.

    • I’m sorry we can’t control the news. We couldn’t control it when Trump was added to the Hall of Presidents either. Every story was a political war over an animatronic man. A presidential candidate talked about WDW layoffs, we have to report it. You can skip stories you don’t like.

      • Ok fair point about reporting news, but you could call out the bs and clarification on the facts unlike other media it was Newsome who refuses to reopen Disneyland. Not saying your site but alot of media has forgotten the reporting news is supposed to be unbaised.

  9. I would love to help in anyway. My husband works for Universal Studios. He got very lucky with his job so far knock on wood. But we know a lot in the Theme park family that wasn’t very lucky. With that said with any help we do we want to make sure it fully goes to those people who need the help and not to Disney itself. So please make sure you provide the proof we need that our donation will be going to those in need.

  10. It doesn’t matter which side you’re on politically, the 7-month shutdown and subsequent layoffs has much less to do with the president than it did with Governor Newsom. To use this as a political attack is not only stretching but dishonest. WDWNews, try to be a little less obvious with your partisanship, we’re all fans of Disney here regardless of left or right.

    • Hey Nate, a politician made an ad specifically mentioning Walt Disney World. We are WDW News Today, our job is to cover any and all news about WDW. It doesn’t matter what candidate on what side said it, it’s news. Stop making everything an idiotic political battle. This isn’t the place.

  11. Oh please, this, is, absurd political pandering to people that are HURTING! If Florida didn’t open there would be more layoffs! Disland California is where the focus and blame should be!

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