PHOTO REPORT: EPCOT 10/2/20 (Cool Wash and Donut Box Open, Electric Umbrella Demolition Continues, New Dooney & Bourke LR MagicBand, and More)

Hello from an absolutely perfect park day at EPCOT! With the weather warm but not too hot, we were ready to take on the day and find all the new fun things here today. Let’s get started!


When we first walked, we noticed right away that the scaffolding that we saw go up a few days ago had been covered in scrim fabric. We’re still not sure why the scaffolding is there or why it’s been covered in fabric, but we’re keeping an eye on the situation.

Angled Pin Traders Blue Lights

Underneath Spaceship Earth, the area above the two shops there has been repainted recently to match the reimagined signage being installed around the front of the park. The black body, blue edging, and illuminated edges mimics the look of the signage quite well.


In other construction news, the second floor of the former location of the Electric Umbrella has been demolished, making way for future construction. It seems whole chunks of this building are removed every day now!


The much-anticipated opening of Cool Wash and Donut Box has finally arrived! Cool Wash opened with customizable slushies in three different flavors with an array of candy mix-ins. They even come in fun cone-shaped cups!


Donut Box opened with a whole new menu, so we just had to try everything! We were especially excited about the Apple Fritter Donut Holes.


One thing we have to say—these donut holes were HUGE! They were easily double the size of any donut hole we’ve ever seen, and at just $4 each they’re quite the Food & Wine Festival bargain. Our favorite was the Sprinkle Burst Donut Holes.


There’s still one last festival booth that has yet to open, but it looks like preparations are finally underway. Although it still doesn’t have a name posted, plexiglass barriers have been installed on the register kiosks, and a menu board has appeared behind the booth, although it doesn’t have a menu on it, much to our chagrin.


We found a familiar menu item in an unfamiliar place today as we were walking the park. This is the refreshments cart just outside of The Land Pavilion, known for it’s healthy fare such as veggies and dip and fruit cup.


The popular Orange Bird sipper is now available here, with your choice of frozen non-alcoholic beverage for $15.00.


Speaking of refreshment carts, we noticed the one just outside of the EPCOT experience on the way to the Mexico Pavilion was missing today. The queue markers are still in place, so likely this cart will return.


In merchandise news, we noticed the Frozen-themed Sketchbook Christmas ornaments have been brought to The Fjording in the Norway Pavilion. We especially like the Water Spirit ornament!


We found a new fleece blanket at the Canada Pavilion featuring the new artwork on a plaid background.


Since there wasn’t a blanket unfolded, we found the artwork on another product to show you. We think this design in fleece is the perfect thing to keep you cozy by the fire, don’t you think so?


We found a fun crossbody wallet clutch today at Mouse Gear featuring Minnie Mouse’s iconic style of a polka dotted bow. There is a thin should strap tucked away inside, as well as credit card slots underneath the flap and a zippered compartment in the body.


On the back is a snap closure slot for your phone. This would make a great grab and go essentials piece. It retails for $34.99.

Dooney & Burke Food & Wine MagicBand

With the arrival of the Food & Wine Festival Dooney & Bourke bags in the parks in early September, we knew that the MagicBand couldn’t be too far behind, and today our patience was rewarded. This adorable all-over print MagicBand was found at World Traveler, but we also saw it stocked later at Mouse Gear. It features Mickey and Minnie in their chef’s best.


We had a wonderful day at EPCOT, and we hope you enjoyed coming along with us. Have a magical day!

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