Disney's Animal Kingdom Christmas decorations

PHOTOS: Christmas Holiday Decorations Begin to Appear at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Disney is known for its quick-change acts, seamlessly moving from one holiday to the next. Despite it being Halloween Day, Christmas decorations are being installed throughout Disney’s Animal Kingdom. These decorations join the Christmas decorations we spotted at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and backstage at the Magic Kingdom.

Let’s take a look at the holiday decorations we found at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.


Animal figures decorate roofs on Discovery Island. You’ll remember these from last year’s Merry Menagerie event.


Despite being located above guests’ heads, the figures are very detailed.


Animals like reindeer, doves, squirrels, and owls are displayed.


The characters feature small holes throughout the design. These holes likely help the figures remain standing during severe wind.


This closeup of the reindeer head provides a better view of the holes and artwork details.

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Here, the animal figures line the roof edge.


Various holiday bird sculptures have been added on Discovery Island.

We left Discovery Island and headed for Dinoland, U.S.A..


Crossing under the bridge that is part of the temporarily unavailable The Boneyard, we noticed that the fossils have been wrapped in miniature lights.


A closeup view shows hundreds of miniature bulbs wrapped snuggly around the dinosaur bones.

Does the arrival of Christmas decorations get you excited for the upcoming holidays? Let us know what you think in the comments.