PHOTOS: More Gold Accents Appear As Magic Kingdom Toll Plaza Refurbishment Continues

The Magic Kingdom toll plaza is receiving a fresh coat of paint to celebrate the park’s 50th anniversary next year. The refurbishment will take eight weeks, with three lanes of the plaza closed at a time. We’ve already seen the plaza’s new royal blue coloring and some fresh gold lettering, now even more gold is being added.


No lanes were closed today, which might mean refurbishment will move further down the plaza in the next few days.


The “W” and “E” in “Welcome” are now both completely painted gold, as well as the flags above them. The small arch piece above the “E” has been painted gold, but part of it will receive the royal blue treatment later.


Gold outlining has also been added to the very end of the plaza.


We’ll be checking on the refurbishment of the toll plaza every day as we visit Magic Kingdom. Are you excited to see the final look? Let us know in the comments.

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