PHOTOS: Magic Kingdom Toll Plaza Refurbishment Continues with More Gold and Rose Gold Accents

Let’s check in on the Magic Kingdom toll plaza, which is being refurbished in time for 2021, when Magic Kingdom will celebrate its 50th anniversary.


The section between “L” and “C” has yet to be painted blue after being coated in primer.


The “M” in “Magic Kingdom” on the marquee has also been painted with primer.


As it’s the weekend, there were not workers out this morning and not as many lanes were blocked off.


The “L” and the flagpole above it have been painted gold. The dome above the “E” has also finally been painted blue.


The “L” also received a layer of rose gold, just like the “W” and “E.”


The first three toll booths have been painted royal blue and gold, and the fourth one seems to be half-painted. We now have a pretty good idea of what the rest of the plaza will look like, though we’re waiting with anticipation to see how the marquee will be repainted.


We are two weeks into the eight-week refurbishment of the Magic Kingdom toll plaza. We look forward to seeing the paint job continue for the next six weeks. Keep checking WDWNT for updates on this and other refurbishment projects.

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