Annual Passholder MagicBands

PHOTOS: NEW 2020 Annual Passholder MagicBands Featuring Stitch and Chip ‘n’ Dale Available at Walt Disney World

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Discovery Trading Company at Disney’s Animal Kingdom is the nexus of the MagicBand world today. Two new 2020 Annual Passholder MagicBands arrived at the retail store today, along with Christmas Mickey 2020, Hades, Rescue Rangers, and Wishables MagicBands. The Passholder MagicBands come in Stitch and Chip ‘n’ Dale designs.

2020 Passholder Stitch MagicBand – $29.99


The Stitch 2020 Annual Passholder MagicBand is dark blue.


Stitch is enjoying turkey legs, a favorite park snack!


Opposite of Experiment 626, we find the classic Walt Disney World logo and a 2020 Passholder logo.

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2020 Passholder Chip ‘n’ Dale MagicBand – $29.99


The Chip ‘n’ Dale MagicBand is orange.


Chip ‘n’ Dale are roasting acorns. Look closely and you’ll find s’mores ingredients, too.


The Chip ‘n’ Dale 2020 Passholder MagicBand features the same logos as the Stitch desgin.

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