REVIEW: NEW Candy Corn Cupcake, Witches Hat, and Ghostly Brownie Appear Just In Time For Halloween at Walt Disney World

Something spooky this way comes, but don’t be scared! These three new treats will put you in the Halloween spirit, no matter what type of dessert you prefer.


We tried all three and were delighted with each one, although we definitely had a favorite by the end!

Candy Corn Cupcake – $5.99


The Bakery’s description for this cupcake was a “vanilla cupcake filled with white chocolate candy corn mousse, buttercream ghost.”


We found this cupcake to be light and refreshing for a Disney cupcake. The yellow cake was soft and moist, the filling was sweet and sugary with chunks of candy corn.


The icing seemed to be a whipped cream icing, and our ghost wasn’t buttercream. The icing was very soft and light. The crispy pearls were a nice touch of texture.


Overall, this was a very nice, tasty cupcake. It was not overly sweet like most Disney cupcakes, and was a really great treat for a hot day.

Witches Hat – $4.99


The Bakery’s description of this treat was, “crispy Breton sugar cookie topped with fluffy marshmallow coated in dark chocolate.”


We found the marshmallow to be soft and fresh yet firm enough to hold its shape and hold up the chocolate coating.


The cookie itself was again moist enough to be soft and chewy but firm enough to have enough structure to be the base of the hat, and had a good soft caramelized sugar flavor.

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The chocolate coating was dark and delicious. Overall this was a really delicious treat, and was our favorite of the three.


Unlike the others, we feel this one could be comfortably eaten by one person.

Ghostly Brownie – $4.79


The Bakery’s description of this treat was, “brownie with crispy meringue ghosts.”


This brownie was very rich, chocolaty, and moist.


This would be a good dessert to share as the brownie is large and rich. It was a dense, chewy brownie, worthy of any sundae. The dark chocolate covering was very good, but also very rich.


The meringue ghosts were perfection- hard outside but melted instantly in your mouth. We wish we could buy the meringues separately!


Overall we really enjoyed this brownie, and we felt that visually it was the best of the three. It was a pretty basic brownie, even with the chocolate coating. If you’re in the market for a good brownie, then look no further!


With Halloween this Saturday, you only have a few days before these treats will disappear in a puff of smoke. Be sure to stop by the Boardwalk Bakery to try these three desserts!

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