TONIGHT: New “WDWNT Entertainment” YouTube Channel Debuts with All-New Episode of The RPG’s Haunted Melody LIVE Tonight at 9:00 PM (ET)

Starting tonight, you can find WDWNT The RPG on its new home of WDWNT Entertainment! All your favorite entertainment programs, including Geekly Kingdom, Deep In The Plus, Cosmic Reid Live, and many more will have new episodes aired on this new channel, to give us more room for the programming you enjoy! Programs like WDW News Tonight, ParksCenter, and News Today with Tom Corless will remain on the main channel.


On this episode of WDWNT The RPG, the adventurers investigate a cursed melody that has fallen over The Haunted Mansion, keeping the ghosts trapped in the ballroom and guests off the ride. What is the mystery of Captain Gore’s treasure? And can they break the curse before it takes them too? Find out on this special one-shot Halloween themed episode!


WDWNT The RPG is a tabletop style role playing game set in and around the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. Each episode our cast of adventurers travel around the parks to solve mysteries, discover secrets, and explore. The game is custom written mixing systems from Dungeons & Dragons and Call Of Cthulhu. Catch up on past episodes or highlights with the playlist below!

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Adam Handley
Adam Handley
11 months ago

I look forward to seeing what the mystery of the mansion is! I do have a theory, but I’ll see if I’m correct in a few hours