VIDEO: Fishing Goose Audio-Animatronic Falls Over in Splash Mountain at the Magic Kingdom

Splash Mountain has made numerous headlines over the past few weeks, thankfully for increased maintenance, as we’ve noticed a number of improvements to the attraction, from the problematic “Million Dollar Rabbit” animatronic, which was finally fixed, to a newly restored projection scene showing Br’er Rabbit, Br’er Fox, and Br’er Bear. However, there’s one critter that’s not doing too hot, and it’s the fishing goose in his boat in one of the ride’s main scenes.

We first noticed the animatronic experiencing some… issues over the weekend. The fishing goose shook uncontrollably, a sign of things to come.

Photo Credit: @MagicalNewsLIVE on Twitter

Today, it seems the bird had had enough, falling over onto the boat it’s set in.

Photo Credit: @MagicalNewsLIVE on Twitter

Our friend MagicalNewsLIVE, who has a gift for coming across fallen animatronics, caught the goose in its current state. You can see a video of the animatronic below:

Thankfully, it seems the impact of falling over did not incur much damage to the audio-animatronic, as he’s still joyfully bobbing around. With wait times of 75 minutes for Splash Mountain of the Magic Kingdom, a number of guests must’ve stumbled upon this unfortunate scene, but hopefully maintenance will prop up the fallen feathered friend. This marks the second audio-animatronic bird to collapse in the past year at Walt Disney World, with the first being Jose Carioca aboard the Gran Fiesta Tour at EPCOT.

Despite the imminent loss of the attraction, it seems Walt Disney World continues to boost the ride’s popularity through spontaneous merchandise releases and increased maintenance, ensuring that everything stays “Satisfactual” through to the bitter end. 

Are you looking forward to taking a few more rides on Splash Mountain, especially given the newly restored effects? Let us know in the comments!

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6 days ago

A Goose has fallen into the river in Splash Mountain! Start the new Tiana Rescue helicopter! Heeeeeeeeeey! Build the helicopter and off to the rescue! Prepare the screens and lay off the maintenance guys! The new emergency collection from Mount Orleans

Last edited 6 days ago by Eduardo
6 days ago

the goose is a real trooper! flat on his back but still singin’ a happy tune!!

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