Walt Disney World Surveying Guests About Crowds, Social Distancing, Mask Wearing, Rise of the Resistance Boarding Groups, and More at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Walt Disney World is surveying guests about their experiences with social distancing at theme parks. We received a survey regarding our recent visit to Disney’s Hollywood Studios.


Many of the questions were similar to those we answered about Magic Kingdom this summer.


While most live shows are not currently performing, For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration reopened a couple of weeks ago, so there is now a question regarding live shows.


Another question asked about character experiences other than cavalcades.


There was a question specifically about whether or not we were able to make it onto Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance.


Another question asked about virtual queues for attractions, which currently only applies to Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance.


Minnie’s Hollywood Dine at Hollywood & Vine recently brought limited character dining experiences back into the park.

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The survey went on to ask more questions specifically about health and safety procedures, such as whether or not we were aware of the face covering rules and temperature checks.


The next question listed out several new procedures and asked guests if they thought this was the right amount, too much, or too little.


Some questions were concerned with the efficacy of social distancing markers and signs.


In addition to questions about guests and Cast Members being required to wear face coverings, there were also questions about guests actually wearing them.


And there was a question about Cast Members maintaining social distancing.


With the parks seemingly getting busier, the survey asked about how easy it was to maintain a safe distance in crowded areas.


How would you answer these questions? Let us know about your experiences social distancing at Walt Disney World below.

    1. It’s crowded, uncomfortable, and they’ve done no more than a marginal job with crowd control and routing. The restoration of the Fast Pass system (or virtual queues for everything) would be the only thing that can be done at this point.

  1. Most people going to Disney right now are people who are in favor of, or willing to comply with social distancing and masking rules. The surveys will undoubtedly be skewed in favor of the fearful. When they dump all of this and go back to the actual normal they’ll get the 80% of normal people back who aren’t afraid.

  2. I would highly suggest not traveling during COVID-19 unless you enjoy waiting in line for over an hour to get on the popular rides or not get on at all (Rise of Resistance) didn’t make the cut…or if you enjoy walking with the hot Florida sun beating down on you wearing a mask trying to breath in 90 degree heat. Also, the 6 foot markers making lines seem forever! With rides not at full capacity you are waiting forever and It’s uncomfortable to breathe. Just my opinion 😷

  3. It is getting more crowded and thus scary. If @WaltDisneyWorld relaxes physical distancing or safety protocols, it would definitely impact my decision not to return

  4. They should be asking the pass holders that are not renewing what will bring you back

  5. I wish they would survey me. I would suggest to open everything back up 100%.
    Quit requiring masks when socially distanced. Quit requiring cast members to wear mask. Let everyone assume their own risk. My trip was horrible the first week of October.

  6. I went to Universal yesterday. If it’s anything like that theme park, these parks aren’t doing enough to limit the spread of COVID. I think Disney might be slightly better than Universal from what I’ve seen here, but I’m glad I canceled my Disney annual pass of 6 years. Unfortunately, it was a mistake to go to Universal. No hand washing stations, they crowded us into lines to get into the park, people refuse to wear their masks properly or practice social distancing, guests use excuses to take their masks off, and there is such a limited staff at the park that there is no one available to enforce the rules. It’s just better to just wait to visit the parks.

  7. Couldnt give a flying poop about distancing, masks, restricting number of people. My family and disney friends want it opened back up get rid of it all and if your scared stay home. Im fine if you want a mask but dont make it required. Bring pack fast passes, get rid of the reservation system, open all the shows and parades and fireworks.

  8. If Disney wants to dig its self out of the hole they are in, need to start opening the parks back up…only reason the majority of people are there is because thay already paid in advance. The small amount of people that pay now and like it the way it is now, will not keep Disney afloat. The amount of people that will pay to come and buy APs, buy park hoppers, and and a enjoy the park the way it was will make the difference. We live out of state and have bought APs for last 10 years, , now it make no sense to. Bring back the parades, fireworks, shows, fast passes, everything that makes it magical, and make facemask optional.
    Do this and the people that will fill the parks will greatly out weigh the people that wont come. Send out these questionnaires in emails also to DVC and AP people. The ones that are actually somewhat keeping Disney afloat. Just my Opinion, not that it counts for much..lol

  9. Was there over labor day weekend. Tried twice for ROR boarding groups, couldn’t get one. It would be better if they did the boarding groups more like Fast Past for people, esp those of us staying on Disney property. People should be able to select
    boarding times from home starting 2 months before their trip, which could be easily done now you have to make your “park pass” reservations in advance.

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