McDonald’s Temporarily Stops Selling Happy Meals Featuring Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway Toys Due to Error

Due to an error with the QR codes found on game pieces in the packaging, McDonald’s had requested that all locations immediately stop distributing both Happy Meal toys and boxes featuring Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway.

According to an internal McDonald’s Restaurant Brief Alert:

“There is an issue with the QR codes that are packaged with the Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway toys. If the codes are scanned outside of our app (versus the McDonald’s app as directed), they may lead users to an error message, or in rare cases, unintended search results”.

The memo states that new toys, without game pieces, will be arriving in McDonald’s locations as early as today. Until the new card free toys arrive, restaurants are being told to use generic Happy Meal Boxes and Generic Toys.


Have you had any issues scanning the QR codes on McDonald’s game pieces? If so, what did you encounter? Let us know in the comments!

62 thoughts on “McDonald’s Temporarily Stops Selling Happy Meals Featuring Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway Toys Due to Error”

  1. I scanned one and it took me to search results for a staple gun. I just typed in the site and manually entered the code and wondered why they put the wrong code on it when it was useless! This makes more sense!

    • A staple gun? Funny, I scanned mine with my phone and it went to some art website (I think) red My grandson was on that site for some time. Not sure what was on it (I am not computer literate by no means).

      • You should be very proud your son is taking such an affinity to art. I’ll be sure to take a look at it. I’m sure it’s great…maybe even share with my mother and grandmother. Thanks! 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

    • I had problem with it but there is another way to put the code in.. Go to the online link instead of the App. I know the tickets are outdated, but they still work until January 2021.

  2. We were excited to grab happy meals last Tuesday after dance to get our toys. The only thing odd was that the card stated it had to be scanned prior to a date much earlier this year. Led me to believe they were possibly releasing them at an earlier date before Covid hit? The code scanned fine on my McDonald’s app though.

  3. I got an error message scanning the QR code’s, but I don’t really care. I’d happily take some of those recalled toys off their hands, sweepstakes or no…

  4. Got an error message when I scanned the code last night. The card it was on did say the game was only until 8/31/2020, but there was a note printed on the Happy Meal box itself saying to disregard that date and that the giveaway would take submissions until 1/31/2021. Only in 2020…

  5. The QR code’s are expired. They expired on 08/31/20. I tried posting a pic of the date but it won’t let me.

  6. I got went on the second day and my mcdonald’s was already using the generic boring boxes. Was super disappointed at the time.

  7. I had an error with scanning QR code just letters and numbers came up. If you do it the old fashioned way LOL..go to app and type in code works just fine.

  8. The one happy meal I bought recently has a game piece carsbthat said it was ezpired in August 2020 when I purchased it in November.

  9. Scanned mine and it went to some art website (I think) My grandson was on that site for some time. Not sure what was on it (I am not computer literate by no means).

  10. I literally just scanned one yesterday and it takes me to my phone’s notes app. its doesn’t actually go to a link which suck as the code was meant to see if we won a trip for 4 to Disneyworld. I’m curious if they’ve cancelled the promotion entirely or if we can access a proper chance at winning since we made the purchase.

  11. The date on the card in the Happy Meal is with a deadline of August. The Happy Meal box says to disregard that and the code can be entered until January

  12. Went to McDonald’s on 2 separate occasions because my kids wanted the Mickey toys and both times got toys from previous promotions…my kids were so sad. I’m glad I found this post to know why they were given the old toys.

  13. Who are the IDIOTS scanning these codes outside of the app? The game piece SPECIFICLY states to scan inside the McDonald’s app. SO TYPICAL OF TODAYS SOCIETY!

  14. I wasn’t even scanning them. I was going online to use the code and be entered. So I wouldn’t know if there was a problem. But we’re bummed that they stopped. We went today and we got an Ironman toy and no Mickey box. They wouldn’t tell us why though.

  15. I cannot believe where the QR code took me. It was very unappropriate for my child to see what Mikey and Minnie was doing. I’m glad I was the one scanning the code. I’ll leave it to yalls imagination.

  16. Well personally I think this is ridiculous, there is no reason whatsoever children should be forced to not be allowed to receive these toys just because they can’t access some website for more publicity and in the long run money, I remember when I was a child we had happy meal toys without all these websites, and things were a lot better back then, children listened to their parents, knew if they didn’t get along with other kids they wouldn’t even get a toy and respected their elders.

  17. We just purchased 6 Happy Meals at a McDonalds here in Pennsylvania and they were all the Pluto on a Jungle Cruise boat, none of them had the small paper with a code on it. So upset!

  18. I don’t care about the free trip. I collected the toys and cannot get number 8. I call every 3 days 15 stores and no one got them. How can i get a number 8. Donald i the tea cup

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