PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 11/23/20 (Friar’s Nook and Lunching Pad Breakfast, Cinderella Carriage Photo-Op Returns, PeopleMover Support Painting Complete, and More)

Hello from a beautiful Fall Florida day here in the Magic Kingdom! With perfect park-going weather, we set out to find all the fun, new things to bring to you. Let’s get started!


While the Toll Plaza has been finished for about a week now, we decided to drive through early in the morning to take a quick peek just in case any last minute touch ups had been made. We were surprised to see cars were already lined up and stopped at the toll booths, which were manned by Cast Members, a full two hours before official park opening time!


We spoke with a Cast Member who told us that with the construction going on in the parking lot, the nearby exit loop, which leads to the nearby Speedway Gas Station and all other guest areas, had been closed, and rather than send cars through the parking lot to the next exit, line up at the Toll Plaza was now starting at 7am, and cars were being held until 8:15am. We were quite surprised to hear how long of a wait those guests were in for!


Once inside the park, we headed straight to the Lunching Pad to start our day off right with one of their brand new breakfast options. Breakfast is being served there from 9am-11am, and choices include a Breakfast Sandwich or the famous Cheshire Cat Tail, as well as Joffrey’s Coffee and Hot Cocoa.


The Friar’s Nook also started serving breakfast this morning, with the Breakfast Sandwich on the menu as well as Sausage and Gravy Tots and Cinnamon-Sugar Doughnuts.


After fueling up for the day, we were ready to start shopping, and what better place to start than Uptown Jewelers, home to the park’s most exclusive merchandise? These five beautiful Dooney & Bourke handbags were released today, and we were the first to take a look at them. Each one even has a hidden design on the bottom! Take a look at our article for more pictures and details.


After that we headed across the street to The Emporium, where we found this fun little box. Each box contains one Park Pals Series 1 collectible figure and one buildable vehicle which you build using the box the figure came in.


We love that the box is repurposed to become the attraction vehicle for the figurine! Each box retails for $9.99.


Also at The Emporium we found this lovely linen table runner featuring the classic “Home” image with the “O” replaced with the Castle. This runner retails for $49.99.


We found three new shirts in the MaDe shirt kiosk featuring designs from The Mandalorian. The first was this brush stroke style art depicting the Mandalorian helmet and the phrase “This Is The Way”.


The other two feature chibi style art depicting the Mandalorian and The Child.


We also found a fourth new shirt featuring Jiminy Cricket and the phrase “Official Conscience”. All of these shirts are available at the MaDe shirt kiosk in Tomorrowland Light & Power Co and start at $29.99.


While visiting some of the smaller shops around the park we saw some pretty impressive lines for rides. The line for “Jingle Cruise” was stretched through Adventureland and ended by Bwana Bob’s, right across from Sunshine Tree Terrace.


The line for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad was routed on a new path today. Instead of making its way around the dock for Tom Sawyer’s Island, it took over the Frontierland Railroad Station.


Social distancing markers had been added throughout, even on the stairs and ramps, making it easy for guests to know where to stand to maintain proper distance even on uneven ground.


We came across a Cinderella Carriage photo opportunity today, back for the holiday weekend. This stunning carriage is located behind Cinderella Castle and Prince Charming’s Carousel, before you reach Belle’s Cottage. A PhotoPass photographer is on hand to take you photo, but you are welcome to take your own photos as well if you like.


In construction progress news, Cinderella Fountain is still drained, and no visible progress has been made. We hope to see some changes here soon!


Work has begun on track replacement in the bed of Rivers of America. The track for the Riverboat of America is being pulled up a few sections at a time and replaced.


The Main Street Fashion and Apparel marquee on Main Street, USA is being refurbished, and has been replaced with a painted scrim on two sides, the left and right. The center of the marquee remains untouched.


Perhaps the most exciting part of our day was discovering this pair of freshly painted Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover supports. This pair represents the last set to be painted white, and now all the supports match each other.


We have been following this project for some time, and while progress was painfully slow in the beginning, recently the pace has sped forward, with multiple supports popping up painted overnight.


A fresh, new look for Tomorrowland with its white supports now greets guests as they enter, and with progress being made on the upper supports as well, it’s only a matter of time before we’ll have no Tomorrowland construction to report on.


As we left the park, we waved goodbye to the Princesses on their Holiday Processional. We had a wonderful day at the Magic Kingdom, and we hope you enjoyed coming along with us. Have a magical day!

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Why is Casey’s Corner not open yet ?