CONCEPT ART: “Harmonious” Barges Will Act as World Showcase Fountains During Daytime at EPCOT

During today’s EPCOT – The Magic of Possibility D23 presentation, it was revealed that the upcoming “Harmonious” barges will be out in World Showcase Lagoon at EPCOT during the daytime, as fountains to offer a special visual feature for guests.


Concept art was revealed of the barges in use as daytime “show element” fountains in World Showcase Lagoon. Imagineer Zach Riddley noted that they’re testing one of the barges out on the lagoon “very soon”, and they hope that these show elements will become a defining feature of EPCOT, offering an ambient daytime look.

You may recall we hinted at the possibility for a new daytime lagoon show at EPCOT for the Walt Disney World 50th anniversary, and while this may not be a full-on “show” per se, it’s a great nod to the history of the park, when the park debuted its “Surprise in the Skies” daytime spectacular for Walt Disney World’s 20th anniversary in 1991.


At night, “Harmonious” will show a grand, original spectacular unique to EPCOT with its message of global connection, featuring five enormous floating platforms positioned like a compass on World Showcase Lagoon.

Though there’s no word about when “Harmonious” might debut, EPCOT did conduct fireworks tests after park close in September. It was originally set to debut in Spring 2020 and construction began in January, but it was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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11 months ago

AKA They are too lazy to bring it out every night. So they are leaving an eyesore during the day. But don’t fret, water will cover it and we’ll call it a new fountain so you don’t miss the fountain of nations. Progress!

Prince Naveen
Prince Naveen
11 months ago
Reply to  Alex

Lol. Right on. I’m still grieving the fountain of nations!