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Disney Parks Plans on Bringing Back Recently Canceled Shows and Entertainment

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At the IAPAA Expo, Josh D’Amaro, Chairman of Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products, stated that Disney is planning on bringing back entertainment that was canceled indefinitely.

Almost every stage show at Walt Disney World has been discontinued during the COVID-19 pandemic, and hundreds of entertainment Cast Members were recently laid off. The canceled shows include “Festival of the Lion King”, “Beauty and the Beast – Live on Stage”, Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular, and “Finding Nemo – The Musical.” At the still-shuttered Disney California Adventure, the “Frozen: Live at the Hyperion” and “Mickey and the Magical Map” shows have also gone dark.

For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration is one of the few shows currently performing at Walt Disney World, after having reopened in early October.

No timeline was announced for the eventual return of shows and entertainment to the parks, but we’ll keep you updated as further changes occur.

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Karen Porter
Karen Porter
11 days ago

Good, because dropping ALL of that live entertainment was utter BS for for both cast and guests… Seriously, if you’re gonna only give us 1/3rd the experience, then my ticket prices better only cost 1/3rd of what they would for the full experience! #FireChapek

Last edited 11 days ago by Karen Porter
10 days ago
Reply to  Karen Porter

Just went this past weekend what a disappointment! We took two younger kids with us that were never at the parks. I’ve been going to the parks since 1973 end it was truly disappointing and a waste of money.

Disney better get their act together!!

11 days ago

If you plan to bring them back, why not keep them on furlough and help them keep insurance so they will be there when they com back? Might cut into your bonuses a bit, but it would be a lot easier to bring them all back.

Maybe they don’t want them to come back. It could be one way to get rid of long time performers and replace them with cheaper new people.


Patrick Gaffney
Patrick Gaffney
11 days ago
Reply to  Patrick

Sorry for this misspelling above. That should be come, not “com”. :(

Tina Landfair
Tina Landfair
11 days ago

That’s it?! They plan to bring back the shows. No other information?

Beautiful gorgeous
11 days ago

When are they coming back? The article really didn’t give any information. A teaser

Tom Corless
11 days ago

That’s because Disney didn’t lol

Luna Nino
11 days ago

If they have $ to Build they have $ to pay the cast,did you know how many they live in there car?is a 100%the they have childrends

Cynthia Bobst
Cynthia Bobst
11 days ago

I will go back to WDW when Dining Plans are returned, Park Hopping is reinstated, and my favorite resorts are reopened. That is my co.ment

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